hey you,

you know,it all started when we played truth or dare and i had to kiss you,i didn't know what i was feeling at this moment or at the moment you told me you were bisexual after one month.
we were best friends and we were doing very well together,then you started flirting with me in a way i didn't know what to do or say,not because i wasn't feeling the same way as you but because i was very shy and coward to admit to myself that i like you.
at some point i started flirting with you and you continued flirting back with me,
but none of us admit it to each other,
isn't that right?

i still remember the day you told me that you were leaving from our country to go study abroad.
you know that sh*t hurt right?
i didn't had the courage then to tell you how i feel for you and i let you go.
you told me you will come back for christmas,you told me that you'll come back very soon,you told me that we'll not lose touch,you told me that you're not looking for a guy or a girl there.

and here i am at 5:00 AM writting this article that i know you'll never be able to read,while you are sleeping in another country with your new boyfriend by your side.
you know,i really hate you right? not because you lied to me,not because we lost touch,not because you are with him right now but because you left me with no answers..
and it sucks.