Sunflower, Vol. 6

"Want you more than a melody"
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Treat People with Kindness

"I just keep on dancing."

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Watermelon Sugar

"Taste like strawberries on a summer evening."
sunglasses, aesthetic, and glasses image 90s, aesthetic, and OC image aesthetic, red, and all right image clothes, dots, and dress image Temporarily removed details, model, and fashion image

Adore You

"Strawberry lipstick state of mind."
Temporarily removed aesthetic, necklace, and sun image theme, aesthetic, and jeans image Temporarily removed clothes, grunge, and aesthetic image grunge, converse, and aesthetic image


"She's the first one I see."
girl, me, and night image fashion, bella hadid, and model image Temporarily removed girl, tumblr, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed aesthetic, fashion, and girl image


"There's a piece of you in how I dress."
aesthetic, fashion, and girl image fashion, dress, and red image chic, denim, and fashion image fashion, style, and dress image red, shoes, and tattoo image 90's, aesthetics, and date image

Canyon Moon

"An old lover's hippie music."

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"Loving you is the antidote."
earrings, accessories, and aesthetic image girl, indie, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image beige, boho, and tan image gold, summer, and travel image

Fine Line

"You Sunshine"
fashion, girl, and city image beautiful, fashion, and follow image georgian, anano sakhelashvili, and gencler image books, aesthetic, and girl image girl, flowers, and style image cities, fashion, and girl image

Lights Up

"Step into the light. So bright sometimes."
girl, blonde, and party image girl, fashion, and summer image jewelry, chic, and earring image fashion, girl, and style image girl, sea, and sky image dreamy, girl, and mediterranean image