Hey hey, I’ve been bullen journaling for about 3 years now. So I’ve learned a lot about what journal spreads are more useful then others, here I list a few of my essential bullet journal pages, enjoy !

monthly cover with calendar

bullet journal image

Habit tracker

green, leaves, and bullet journal image

Including daily and weekly trackers, with habits such as working out, watering my plants, bible reading, sweeping and mopping, etc.

Monthly check in

bujo, bullet journal, and bullet journal inspo image

Emotionally, physically, spiritually. In this page, I write down how I’m feeling in each aspect mentioned previously. It helps to see how I’ve been doing each month.

Gratitude page

art, beautiful, and bullet image

I use a line for each day. In each one, I write down what I’m grateful for each day.


school image

Favorite tracks of the month


book, aesthetic, and quotes image

Write down things that u did that you’re proud of.


journal, bullet journal, and bujo image

List down some of your favorite monthly things, such as a dish, a snack, a clothing accessory, etc.


aesthetic, bullet journal, and art image

Here I write down things I did for the first time ever! It really motivates unto get out of your comfort zone

Daily log

organization, planner, and school image

Here I write down what I did in the day, any activities, events or anything.

Those were my essential monthly spread pages, hope u enjoyed ♡︎♡︎

xx sham