Hi guys this is second part of animes to watch on quarantine as I promised, hope you enjoy.

Neon genesis evangelion

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In the year 2015 an "Angel" (a misterious giant being) attacks Tokio-3, this event was considered the third impact, the first one was the one that destroyed dinosaurs, and the second one was when a meteorite hit the antarctic. An ONU organization called NERV developed giant robots piloted by teenagers to fight the "Angels".

Kiseijuu: Sei no kakuritsu

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The Earth is being invaded by parasytes which take possession of people's brains entering through their ears or noses. One day a parasyte tries to enter the ear of Izumi Shinichi, a 17 year old guy, but it fails because he was wearind head phones, but gets into his body and takes possession of his right hand.

Terror in Resonance

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Tokio has been attacked by terrorist and the only prove that's left is a misterious video in which two persons wearing masks appear calling themself "nine" and "twelve".

Blue exorcist

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After Rin Okumura, adoptive son of a priest, finds out he's the son of Satanas and rejecting him as his father, he decides to go to College to become an Exorcist and kill his real father.

Highschool of the dead

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Humanbeings of the world have became zombies because of a mortal disease. In a Tokyo highschool lots of students and a nurse try to survive the apocalypse.

Devilman crybaby

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When Ryo Asuka, a young Proffesor who came back from an investigation outside the country, tells his friend Akira Fudo that a demons race has returned to conquer the world, suggests to him to join a demon possessing its powers but keeping his soul and heart.