Hi Hearter, since I’m into jpop music these days, I decided to write this article. I hope you enjoy.

I also made one as kpop idol:

Name: Saki Inoue
Stage Name: Saki
Birthday: March 3th, 1995
Nationality: Japanese/Korean
Language: Japanese, Korean
Solo o Group: Group

Height: 1,67 m
Weight: 49 Kg
Eye colors: Brown
Hair: Light Brown

korean, model, and ulzzang image model and byun jungha image

Saki is an ou going girl, always smiling, who soon makes friends with everyone and go out with her friends. She is also an ambitious and hard worker.

- Airport/ everyday

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and clothes image dress, fashion, and outfit image Image by lilu

- On stage

JYP, kpop, and stage image dress, fashion, and kpop image twice and sana image beautiful, twice, and blackpink image

- Interviews/ Variety shows

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ID: @ SAki_sunrays
posts: 325
followers: 2.8Mln
following: 121

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Idol Friends

rola image fashion, girl, and instagram image
exile, naoto, and j soul brother image exile, naoto, and j soul brother image
Naoto (EXILE, JSB)
小松菜奈, nana komatsu, and japan image Image by Private User
Nana Komatsu
nobuyuki suzuki image actor, asian, and boy image
Nobuyuki Suzuki
girl and tao tsuchiya image tsuchiya tao image
Tao Tsuchiya


exile, iwata takanori, and jsb image exile, iwata takanori, and jsb image actor, iwata takanori, and jsb image exile, iwata takanori, and jsb image
Iwata Takanori (EXILE, JSB)

Her boyfriend is Iwata Takanori, with whom he has been together for about 2 years. They met thanks to Naoto (band member of Iwata), who had known Saki as they had to be models for a brand and after knowing her, he wanted to introduce her to his friend because he thought they would get along very well.


- she auditioned in Osaka as a dancer in 2017, but they made her sing. In the pre-debut period, she began her modeling career

- in 2019 she filmed her first Drama as a secondary actress, later came proposals for other Dramas also as the main actress

- she loves to travel and eat with her friends


Group Name: Sun rays
Concept: high school friends + enjoy life/positive
Position: Vocals and dancer
Debute Date : April 22th, 2018
Company: LDH Company
Number of Member: 11 ( 4 vocals and 7 dancer)

Debut song
" Smile with me "
-> combination of “ FIESTA” by IZ*ONE and “ Party” by Girls’ Generation