12th of march,2020.

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1. sweet or sour?
2. lemonade or orange juice?
3. what's your dream job and why?
4. which animal would you be if you could?
5. which year would you travel if you could timetravel?
6. top 3 places you wanna visit?
7. what's the last movie you seen?
8. what would you name your kids?
9. how many kids do you want?
10. what languages do you want to know?
11. do you think your native language is hard?
12. do you have a secret talent?
13. what zodiac sign would you like to be?
14. would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy?
15. snakes or lizards?
16. do you have posters in your room?
17. do you have a best friend?
18. are you single or taken?
19. do you like to study?
20. how are you feeling right now?


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