Hello, everyone! I decided to do a Peaky Blinders tag inspired by this article:

If you haven't seen this show, I definitely recommend you do so! It's about a family gang set after the first world war and it's got great writing and acting, complex and gritty characters, action, drama and very nerve-wrecking finales. Now let's move on to the article and beware of spoilers!

Favorite male character

Thomas Shelby

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Complex, clever, witty and one step ahead of everyone else, Tommy is as charming as he is dangerous

Favorite female character

Polly Gray

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She's such a badass and I love how nobody messes with her but also how protective she is of her family

A character you disliked at first, but like now


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Thought she was going to be the typical cliché but she's really grown on me. She helps Tommy a lot and deserves more recognition

A character you liked at first, but dislike now

Michael Gray

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I'm not starting to dislike him, I just hope he doesn't do anything that damages the Shelby family, like betraying them or something

A character you never liked


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She's up to something, and it's not good

A character you have a crush on

Finn Shelby

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He's so cute and so different from his brothers and I hope he gets to keep some of his innocence and kindness

An overrated character

Alfie Solomons

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Honestly just put him here so I could put him in this article. I love him and Tom Hardy does a fantastic job!

An underrated character


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I really liked her and she was one of the few who wasn't afraid to stand up to the Shelbys and put some sense into their heads

A character you admire

Ada Shelby

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She's so intelligent and puts up with a lot of crap from her brothers, plus she's not afraid to stand for what she believes in

A character who makes you laugh

John Shelby

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He's so funny and cool and could always put a smile on my face

A character you would've liked to be friends with

Tommy before the war (but honestly after as well)

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He used to always be laughing and telling jokes and he's very protective of those he loves

A character you love, but hate sometimes

Arthur Shelby

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He does some pretty bad things, but he's also funny and troubled

A character you wish you could bring back


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I miss him a lot

Favorite couple

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Tommy and happiness. Is that too much to ask?

Favorite quotes

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A character you'd like to play

Greta Jurossi if they ever did a prequel

A character you'd like to see more of in season 6


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He needs more screen time and I'd also like to see more of his friendship with Isaiah

Favorite villain

Luca Changretta

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He's very charismatic and menacing and Adrien Brody portrays him wonderfully

Favorite season

Season 2

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I loved all seasons but season 2 finale was one of the best

Favorite friendship

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I really like the relationship between the Shelby brothers, but also Tommy and Polly's and Tommy and Ada's

Favorite actor

Cillian Murphy

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His role as Tommy is one of the greatest performances I've ever seen, plus he's a very humble, down to earth guy

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