Hi everyone! Today I'm doing something I've never done before....a fashion article! I really love clothes and since I'm developing my own style I thought I would start a new series about fashion. I'll be beginning with basic shoes every girl needs in her closet.

Nike Air Force 1

nike, shoes, and sneakers image nike, sneakers, and shoes image
I got these for Christmas and I am in total love with them

Fila Disruptor

outfit, ootd, and Fila image Fila image
I think I might get these this year, they're actually pretty affordable

Reebok Classic White Leather

reebok, reebok classic, and shoes image shoes, fashion, and sneakers image
I'm asking for these for my birthday

Adidas Superstars

adidas, shoes, and white image adidas, shoes, and superstar image
I love these so much, they're so aesthetic- be sure to take good care of them because they crease easily

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

black, vans, and fashion image sneakers, checkerboard, and fashion image
So comfortable

Vans Old Skool

fashion, vans, and shoes image vans, shoes, and sneakers image
I want them in pink or yellow

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

sneakers, shoes, and fashion image blogger, converse, and fashion image
literally my first "brand" shoes ever

Adidas Stan Smith

Image by u n h e o l y shoes, adidas, and fashion image
the green ones are the best

Heels: Tan, Black, White, Pink

shoes, gucci, and heels image heels, shoes, and fashion image Givenchy, shoes, and heels image pink, fashion, and shoes image
I'm trying to build my heel collection but I hate spending money :(

Ankle Boots

black and boots image fashion, shoes, and style image shoes, boots, and simmi image shoes, fashion, and boots image
I really want shoes like these

Knee High Boots

fashion, shoes, and style image aesthetic, long, and pink image
I'm not a huge knee high boot fan but I think they're super fashionable

Thick soled sandals

leather, platform, and sandals image 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image
My older sister loves these but I'm kinda mixed about them

Birkenstock Arizona Birkibuc

shoes, birkenstock, and style image aesthetic, beach, and bright image
My sister also loves these! I think they're comfy and aesthetic but not my style


heels, fashion, and gold image shoes, fashion, and heels image
Yes yes yes! Happiness is the same price as red bottoms!

Doc Martens 1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up

Image removed booties, boots, and combat boots image
My friends love these! I think they're cute but I love my Tim's much more

Timberland Linden Woods Combat Boots

shoes, fashion, and timberland image shoes, timberland, and boots image
they are so comfy and fun to dance in- seriously!

Platform heels

ankle and pink image Image removed
for short people like me these are absolutely necessary


chanel, fashion, and shoes image black, slides, and stripes image
how to look like a queen and still be comfy

Mules (aka summer slides or low heels)

beige, heels, and shoes image loafers, sandals, and shoes image
my sister likes these too! Personally I'm not a fan but it's only because I like really high heels!

That's all for today's article! I hope you all enjoyed it and if you did, be sure to leave a heart, especially if you want more fashion articles in the future! Be fantastic.


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