Dear Hearters,

Today I want to share some thoughts on the meaning of words and why I don't like being put in the role of the "quiet kid".

I can't count the times that people called me quiet. At some point it even felt like my middle name. If you'd ask other people to describe me using three words I'm pretty sure that almost everyone would come up with "quiet".

Sure, they're not wrong. My voice isn't a strong voice, I usually don't talk a lot, I like to stay in the back. If I get angry I won't show it through aggressiveness. That's me and that's alright.

Still, I could never identify with the term "quiet". Even though I don't blame myself anymore for being the way I am, I still refuse to call myself quiet. Let me explain.

Calm. Peaceful.Thoughtful.
Those words are positive to me.

For me, "quiet" implifies not making a sound. Being voiceless. Silenced.

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Originally it's a total innocent word with no bad meaning, but for me it is negatively impacted. Everytime someone told me I'm quiet it was meant in a negative way, at least that's how it felt for me. They said it like something's not right with me. Something has to change. I have to change.

I know what image people have in mind when they picture a quiet person. Someone with zero confidence who has no opinions and isn't able to speak for themselves. And that's not who I am. Maybe I'm not that open as others and don't feel the need to participate in every conversation, but that doesn't mean I'll keep quiet when it comes to defending myself or my opinions.

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How we talk to each other can influence our minds in a good or bad way. If you feel attacked by someone chances are high that the person didn't mean it like that, but because of your own experiences and associations you feel down. It's so important to communicate our feelings to provide misunderstandings and don't cause fights.

I'd love to hear about your experiences and if you can relate. ♡ xx Linda

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