hey hearters! Today is the first day of the 2020- 2030 decade so I plan to make some projections (as well as sum up some trends of the previous decade)~

- lets go!

Previous: 2010 - 2020


Digital transaction
Group identity
Outreach and interaction
Global warming
Competition & communication

Fashion: denim, 20th century, beachwear, sportswear.

Arts: context, cross- media expression, alterations to classical forms, market- oriented, distinct.

Editorial: social- political, feminism, LGBTQ, various empowerment movements, the exotic

Mass culture: memes, fast digital arts, endless playlists

Collage, art, and digital collage image

Legacies: erasal of digital trust, the end of the superhero concept ( I mean... the avengers? game of thrones? frozen II ... c'mon, let's just admit it's dead ), emotional disconnect


2020- 2030


Self consciousness
Spatial awareness
Backlash to traditional science
Self sufficiency
Attempt to simplify things

Fashion: skirts for men, accessories, sleeve & collar designs, health & eco- awareness

Arts: process, megatext, awakening the senses, intuition, absence of plot (and sometimes of language.

Editorial: depth- oriented, craftsmenship, nostalgia, the familiar but unrecognized

Mass culture: nerdy vibes

universe and spiritual image

Legacies: renewed fascination over historical wonders and mystical phenomena. Incorporation of self knowledge into education.

quotes, time, and breathe image

lots of love,

(let's see if any of my predictions are valid ;)

update! I wrote this before coronavirus ! sounds like some themes are still correct hahahah