Hello, my beautiful hearters! I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of this year and decade where 2019 wasn't my perfect year mentally but I can't wait for what 2020 will bring me and my family to. I hope this article can also help you with making your own goals for the year. LET'S DO THIS!

1. Be a better sibling to my younger brother and sister

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Since I turned sixteen this year, I always wanted to show a good example of being a big sister by doing the chores without complaining but unfortunately, I failed to become a big sister this year where I would argue with my younger brother and sister and my mother would complain about my failed attempt of being a big sister. I want to prove to myself that I can be the big sister that my younger sister and brother can look up to for some guidance in their lives and my mother can be proud of me being a big sister to my brother and sister.

2. Include self-care days in my after school routine

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It was very hard for me as a fifth-year student to include self-care days in my after school routine because I would be very lazy and tired to do it from doing my key assignments to going to meetings during the week which results in me to not being very relaxed and tired. This year, I will like to include self-care days so I can finally feel relaxed and calm at the end of the week by having a bubble bath, drinking green tea, listen to calm music, light a candle and reading a book.

3. Save money

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2019 was the year where my parents would give me some advice on saving money so I can do very well financially but I ended up not saving up money and spend on useless things like snacks but in the year 2020, I need to save all of my money so I can stop spending on many useless things in life where I can buy myself a car or new clothes.

4. Be more active

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Even though I go to my local gym three times a week after school, I would find myself being lazy and tired from doing some leisure activities I love like basketball and walks. In 2020, I need to push myself to walk home from school every Friday and keep going to the gym three times a week so I can feel very good physically and mentally.

5. Be eco-friendly

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This year, I wasn't very happy with people all around the world decide to throw their plastic bits into the ocean where it hurt all of the water animals including turtles where I cried so badly. In 2020, I want to be eco-friendly so I can help to make the planet very calm where everyone will be excited to help as well.

6. Love me before anyone else!

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This year was also the beginning of my self-realization where I began to love myself physically, spiritually, and mentally where every time I woke up, I would say " I am confident and happy " and I want to push myself into the point where I would feel very comfortable wearing a bikini to show myself completely.

7. Watch some French TV Shows

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My French has been improved since the summer of last year and got a B in my Junior Certificate where my parents were so proud of me because I spend lots of hours studying all of the chapters. My godmother recommended me to watch some French TV shows so I can speak French fluently with my mother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my grandparents and gain a French accent when speaking in French.

8. Make myself happy!

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This year, I wasn't very happy at all because my social life was declining before my eyes where I would cry when I see my friends partying their lives while me being very sad and lonely about the situation where I remember when my mother pulled me away and told me to make myself happy. In 2020, I will take my mother's words if I feel very sad or angry to make myself happy by making some popcorn, have a self-care day, watch a movie or a tv show and light a candle, not crying all day or night and blaming myself for the problem.


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I hope this article can make your own goals and personally, I can't wait for 2020 to be the perfect year where I will be rejuvenated, happy, confident, positive and joyful person to my friends, family, and the people who will change my life forever. Also, I want seventeen to be the journey of happiness, growth, self-love, and self-realization.