Too many deadlines, but so little time? Believe it or not, there are enough hours in the day––you’re probably just not using your time wisely at work.

Working smarter (not faster, or harder) will allow you to tackle everything on your to-do list, sans any overtime. In fact, you’d be surprised by how many of your daily habits actually inhibit your focus and output on the job. Ahead, 5 ways to instantly increase your productivity––making it even harder for your boss not to give you that promotion you so deserve.

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Ignore Your Phone

Can’t seem to ignore the ten-person group chat you’re trapped in? Did you accidentally come across a recent post from an ex that low-key freaked you out? Watching calls, texts or app notifications come in as you’re mid-project is one of the most distracting occurences in the workplace. If you can’t seem to resist the temptation of frequently checking your alerts and social-media channels throughout the day, keep your phone in your drawer or work bag while you’re focused on important tasks. You can catch up on your personal life during your lunch break or, once you’re finally off the clock. Imagine that.

Take a Break

Short, intermittent breaks throughout the day are essential to productivity, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Whether it means taking a five-minute walk around the block, running out mid-day to grab a coffee or––*gasp*––going offsite to eat a proper lunch, taking regular breaks throughout the day, especially if you’re feeling burned out, will boost your mood and ultimately help you concentrate.

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Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!

Have a big project due, but keep putting it off? You’re most focused, alert and likely caffeinated at the start of the work day, so bumping up larger, more time-sensitive tasks to the top of your to-do list when your mind is fresh is one of the most productive calls you can make. Save menial assignments that aren’t high priority and don’t require as much brain power for later in the day.

Don’t Multitask

Working on multiple to-do’s at the same time is a slippery slope. While you might think it’s more efficient to handle a few quick and easy tasks at once, it just doesn’t work. Focusing solely on one assignment until it’s finished will allow you to complete it faster, not to mention smarter. It’s the best way to ensure nothing important falls through the cracks because you took on too much.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Whether or not you have a direct supervisor overseeing your day-to-day tasks, learning how to manage yourself is essential in the workplace. Keep a running to-do list and stick to it. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, break up larger projects into smaller ones. Set micro goals that allow you to tackle daunting assignments more strategically and efficiently.