Hey lovelies! Long title, but in a nutshell, this article is about easy ways to sneak in exercise in just minutes, some hacks will be so fun you won't even believe it is exercise! Also, these are little ways to get active that you can sprinkle throughout your day that will add up in the long run for results!

1) Every Morning and Night Do This SHORT workout:
10 jumping jacks, 10 push ups, 20 sit ups, 10 squats

This is a great wake up for your body and also, over time, will yield results! Great for people who like shorter workouts. This workout takes 1-3 minutes and its so simple and can be easily incorperated into your morning and night routine!

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2) Do calf raises when you brush your teeth!

Pretty self-explanatory! Work out your calf muscles to see some definition in your muscles and build stronger legs!

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3) Play Hype Music that makes you MOVE!

I like listening to upbeat, rap music that makes me dance, clean the house, and feel alive. Dancing and moving will increase your heart rate and is a fun, enjoyable workout!

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4) Take the stairs instead of the elevator
This is an awesome way to build stamina and leg strength, and is often faster than waiting for the elevator!

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5) Get involved in household chores
I help my mom wash the dishes and sweep, it helps my family, makes my house clean, and also keeps me active and busy!

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6) Park Farther
If you park farther away, it will make you walk a bit more to get some more steps into your day!

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7) Incorporate healthier snacks into your diet
I've been trying to snack on fruits and vegetables, like apples and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, plain popcorn, rice cakes (i eat the caramel and chocolate from Quaker, which are of course not as healthy as the plain, but they are tastier, and a better alternative to chips :) nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, unsalted or lightly salted pretzels, and granola bars without too much added sugar! Disclaimer: I enjoy life and definitely eat unhealthy more than I would like, but I've been trying to pack healthier snacks in my lunch for school so I can indulge in other ways, like I love dessert and I can't resist Panda Express and french fries, so little steps are better than not trying at all.

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8) If you crave something, EAT IT!
This may seem weird, but it makes sense. If you crave junk food really bad, let yourself have it, but in a smaller portion. If you keep eating "healthier" versions of that food, you won't feel satisfied, and you will end up binging on the junk food in the end.

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That's it for this article! I have plenty more tips, give this article a heart and if it gets to 175 hearts, I will do a part 2!

Stay healthy and happy,
Bianca <3