some people can string words together and some people can do that really well. these are lyrics/ verses/ lines from pretty sounding songs that make my heart flutter or make me go huh that's rad.

instead of my room - charlie burg

pink, bed, and fan image guitar, theme, and aesthetic image
we are simpatico don’t wanna let you go I wanna get to know (I wanna go out and see the new Star Wars with you) Play me another song, I want to sing along Give me a melody (I heard the Hunger Games wasn’t as good as the book) Let’s buy a camera and take Silly pictures Of people doing silly things Just like us Get them developed with me At the drugstore And I’ll save them to see For when we don’t talk

Cupid - ryan beatty

heart, aesthetic, and grunge image ryan beatty, brockhampton, and boy in jeans image
Cupid got us fucked up Drawing hearts on my skin With our initials in it Ain't it nice out here, on the baseball field, when we're alone? Press your lips against my neck With me you don't pretend like with you're with your girlfriend She's nice but she's not me She's nice but hates me Date me, I'm just playing Didn't mean to say that Sometimes kids say the dumbest things But if you're down, so am I I can't lie

two girls - snckpck

pink, aesthetic, and pale image 'indie', 'pale', and 'girls' image
there were these two girls who loved eachother so much they found each other and never would give up they did each others nail polish in the morning after two staying up all night together is what they like to do

all skaters go to heaven - Ian sweet

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Last thing you said is "I want ice cream in bed" So, here you go I went to the corner store Waited up all night 'til they opened their doors Don't get it on my sheets I've only got one spoon for sharing, all the others are dirty - It's my funny haircut and the way I talk about skateboarding Are you wearing a helmet? are you protected? You know there's holes in the street you never see coming If you break both arms, crack your head wide open Oh, that's a little bit exciting, to die by your side

such great heights - postal service

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I am thinking it's a sign That the freckles in our eyes are mirror images And when we kiss they're perfectly aligned And I have to speculate That God himself did make us into corresponding shapes Like puzzle pieces from the clay

bags - clairo

kiss image rainbow, sky, and clouds image
I don't wanna be forward, I don't wanna cut corners Savor this with everything I have inside of me I'm not the type to run I know that we're having fun But what's the rush? Kissing, then my cheeks are so flushed

big boy - brockhampton

aesthetic, blue, and sky image quotes, art, and grunge image
[joba] Memories of the days I was young at heart Matters of the heart Rearrange, reactions in my brain Redefine my pain Been wishin' I could change Hard to change my ways Trained a certain way Afraid of my own fate Just another phase

olivia - one direction

butterfly image Image by Private User
When you go and I'm alone You live in my imagination The summertime and butterflies All belong to your creation I love you, it's all I do, I love you

unwinding myself (intro) - cub sport

flowers and rose image aesthetic and grunge image
I'm still unwinding myself I'm still finding myself Still shaking off my past so I can try get past that level of fear Not everyone hears the things that haunt you The thoughts that follow you The lessons you’ve been taught The guilt that you've been brought

florence - loyle carner(ft kwes)

rainbow, soap, and tumblr image pink, aquarium, and jellyfish image
I see you perching on the corner of the weeping window pane You're growing up fast just like the flora The world is yours, come shine or rain Whilst you're here beside me Just know I'm only one pancake away You'll know where to find me Any time, any place

charlie - mallrat

aesthetic, cherry blossom, and color image blue, aesthetic, and quotes image
I want coffee for breakfast I want warm cups of tea I’m gonna love you forever I hope you warm up to me I hope your dreams are amazing (x3) I hope I maybe sneak my way in, I’d like that

bad religion - frank ocean

angel and blue image Image by kawaii kanye west
Taxi driver Be my shrink for the hour Leave the meter running It's rush hour So take the streets if you wanna Just outrun the demons, could you?

same drugs - chance the rapper

any, lights, and fon image art and photography image
Don't forget the happy thoughts All you need is happy thoughts The past tense, past bed time Way back then when everything we read was real And everything we said rhymed Wide eyed kids being kids Why did you stop? What did you do to your hair? Where did you go to end up right back here? When did you start to forget how to fly?

homegirl - king princess

sky, clouds, and aesthetic image adidas, barbie, and draw image
And you taste like danger, but I feel so safe in your arms And I like the way that you talk slow Spelling my name with your tongue, so You don't have to say it We're friends at the party, I'll give you my body at home

time machine willow

animals, butterflies, and insects image Image by Venus
Baby, if I had a time machine I'd go back to 1983 Maybe I would chill with Basquiat I'd be out there playing make-believe I'd be in the streets of NYC Sippin' lemonade likely 21st Century me, 20th Century dreams

I always wanna die (sometimes) - the 1975

astronomia, planeta, and space image pink image
I bet you thought your life would change But you're sat on a train again Your memories are sceneries for things you said But never really meant You build it to a high to say goodbye Because you're not the same as them But your death it won't happen to you It happens to your family and your friends I pretend And I always wanna die, sometimes I always wanna die, sometimes

~ more pretty worded songs that i can't choose lines from to share ~

pumpkin - the regrettes
nothing - bruno major
(literally anything by bruno major, charlie burg and matt maltese)
bad idea - girl in red
soren - beabadoobee (all her lyrics)
watermelon sugar - harry styles (fine line out dec 13)