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i saw this on my discover page, so i thought it'd be interesting to make my own since i love kpop and girl groups! instead of using actual idols, i'd be creating my own OCs. this group is super inspired by loona and blockberry creative!

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group name: CeLESTIaL (천계 인)
fandom: celes
members: 8
company: Xenona (fanmade)
subunits: 2

the group CeLESTIaL (천계 인) is a k-pop girl group consisting of eight members: Luna, Mery, Melody, ChaeYoung, YeJi, YeoHee, Toko and Jiwoo. They are known for their mysterious girl crush concepts. Their name "CeLESTIaL" comes from their galaxy and outer-worldly concept; "celestial beings", and each girl represents a planet. Their fandom represents the sun, as the planet "orbits around it". They debuted under Xenona Creative.

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stage name: luna (루나)
birth name: hwang hyunjin (황현진)
nicknames: moony, luni, mrs hwang (because she acts like a teacher)
position: leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer
planet: mercury
birthday: december 27th, 1997
zodiac sign: capricorn
nationality: korean
ethnicity: korean
height: 5'4

luna facts:
- she was a trainee for 5 years
- she has two cats (BomBom and Chen)
- she can speak french, japanese and english
- she is an only child
- she likes to paint
- her favorite idol is IU
- she was born in gwangju, south korea
- part of k-line, vocal line & unnie line
- her planet is mercury because it represents thinking, communication and coordination, and as the leader, she embodies these qualities

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stage name: mery (메리)
birth name: maria dalisay hwang / hwang mery (황 메리)
nicknames: meme, meryrery (only jiwoo), commander
position: vocalist
planet: saturn
birthday: april 28th 1998
zodiac sign: taurus
nationality: korean
ethnicity: filipina korean
height: 5'4

mery facts:
- she was a trainee for 3 years
- her mother is filipina, her father is korean
- she is described to be very clumsy
- she speaks a bit of tagalog
- her favorite move is "The Notebook"
- she takes care of most of the cleaning, cooking and organizing in the dorm
- she has two sisters
- she was born in jeju island, south korea, but lived four years in the Philippines before coming back
- part of int-line, unnie line & visual line
- she is represented by saturn because it symbolizes organization, responsibility and discipline

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stage name: melody (멜로디)
birth name: malivalaya sonjohnkoksoong (ทฟสรอฟัฟ หนื่น้ืานาหนนืเ) / park melody (박멜로디)
nickname: maliva, mali, mess machine
position: visual, lead rapper, sub vocalist
planet: venus
birthday: november 1st, 1998
zodiac sign: scorpio
nationality: american
ethnicity: thai
height: 5'8

melody facts:
- she was a trainee for 6 years
- she moved to korea when she was twelve
- she can speak english and thai besides korean
- she is vegan
- friends with ViVi and HaSeul from LOONA
- her biggest inspiration is lisa from BLACKPINK
- she was born in minnesota, united states of america, and lived there for two years before moving to thailand
- part of visual line, unnie line, int-line & rap line
- her planet is venus because it symbolizes passion, love, beauty and allure

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stage name: chaeyoung (채영)
birth name: lee chaeyoung (이채영)
nickname: sad face, chaeng, hyung
position: lead rapper, vocalist
planet: uranus
birthday: february 14th 1999
zodiac sign: aquarius
nationality: korean
ethnicity: korean
height: 5'4

chaeyoung facts:
- she was a trainee for 4 years
- she loves to paint
- her favorite idol is Chaeyoung from TWICE
- the other members call her little shakespeare, and she writes most of the lyrics to their songs
- she can speak english
- she doesn't know how to cook
- she was born in seoul, south korea
- part of k-line and rap line
- she is represented by uranus because it symbolizes changes, freedom, rebellion and youth

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stage name: yeji (예지)
birth name: kang yeji (강예지)
nickname: hyung, yeye
position: main rapper, main dancer
planet: mars
birthday: april 5th, 1999
zodiac sign: aries
nationality: korean
ethnicity: korean
height: 5'5

yeji facts:
- she was a trainee for 3 years
- she, luna and toko are roommates
- she can speak some japanese
- she auditioned with the song "TEMPO" by EXO
- she's a fan of EXO, Stray Kids and BTS
- she has one older brother
- she was born in seoul, south korea
- she's the "girl crush" of the group
- part of k-line, rap line and dance line
- her planet is mars, symbolizing her energy, perseverance and motivation

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stage name: yeohee (여희)
birth name: kim yeohee (김여희)
nickname: little thanos, monster, fake maknae
position: vocalist, visual
planet: jupiter
birthday: february 21st 2000
zodiac sign: pisces
nationality: korean
ethnicity: korean
height: 5'7

yeohee facts:
- she was a trainee for 2 years
- she loves animals
- she's friends with Yeojin from LOONA
- she's also a model
- the other members consider her the actual maknae of the group
- she was born in busan, south korea
- part of k-line, maknae line and vocal line
- her planet is jupiter because it symbolizes ambition, and a desire for further exploration and trying new things

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stage name: toko (東光)
birth name: fukagawa toko (深川東子)
nickname: forest spirit, toki
position: lead vocalist, lead dancer, center
planet: neptune
birthday: february 24th 2001
zodiac sign: pisces
nationality: american
ethnicity: japanese and black
height: 5'6

toko facts:
- she was a trainee for 4 years
- she auditioned in america
- her mother is american, her father is japanese
- she speaks fluent english and japanese, and gradually started learning korean after becoming a trainee
- she has three sisters
- she was born in san francisco, united states
- she loves cartoons and anime
- part of int-line, maknae line, visual line & vocal line
- she represents neptune since it represents dreams, illusions, and empathy, and toko is known for being gentle, friendly and kind

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stage name: jiwoo (지우)
birth name: park ji-woo (박지우)
nickname: cutie, vocal machine, bunny
position: main vocalist
planet: earth
birthday: june 21st 2001 (maknae)
zodiac sign: cancer
nationality: korean
ethnicity: korean
height: 5'3

jiwoo facts:
- she was a trainee for 2 years
- she's roommates with melody
- she has a lizard pet (his name is ChuChu)
- she loves Thai food
- she's friends with soloist Somi and Chu from LOONA
- she's a big fan of the English group One Direction
- she was born in seoul, south korea
- part of k-line, vocal line and maknae line
- she represents planet earth because she makes the members feel at home

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members: toko, chaeyoung, yeji, mery
concept: dark, badass, rap heavy

members: yeohee, luna, jiwoo, melody
concept: sunny, femenine, cute

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that's all <3! i hope your guys enjoyed my little girl group. if you'd like to see more of CeLESTIaL, their debut article will happen soon!

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