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It's Bel here back with another article as part of the Writers Team! I hope you've been doing great since the last time we spoke! For today's article, given that December is almost here, I wanted to talk about 2020. It may be too early for some but I have certainly already started thinking about 2020 and how I want my life to improve! And what better way to do so by reflecting on our mornings. I truly believe that mornings are key elements: if you start your day productively and with a positive mindset you are most likely to keep that energy throughout the whole day!

Which is why visualizing your ideal morning can paint a picture on your mind that will help you know how to work towards it. In this article, I wanted to talk to you about things we can start doing now that will have a big positive impact on our mornings and will translate to the rest of our day. But why wait till 2020 to make a change when there are simple things we can start doing now that will create a significant difference on our daily lives? So if you want to know what these things are, then keep on reading!

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| Wake up early

I know you hate to hear this but deep down you know it is the truth! The earlier you wake up, the more time you have to accomplish your goals and tasks for the day. There's something about waking up early that, even when it could be so hard to do, once you actually do it, you feel 10 times more productive and prepared to get on with your day. You could wake up only 15 minutes earlier than usual and be surprised with all the things you can get around to, that you wouldn't usually be able to.

I made an article about "Becoming a morning person" also as part of the Writers Team, and in that article, I shared little tips that will help you function in the mornings more easily! So if you are interested, it is liked down below!
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With that being said, please always make sure to get between 7-8 hours of sleep every day to be fully charged to take on your day!

| Get inspired

As I've mentioned before, our mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. It is very important to fill our minds with positive and inspiring thoughts to help us carry out that attitude during the day. Here are some simple ways to put your mind on the right track first thing in the morning!

  • Journaling: It could be a great idea to have a journal where you just write down thoughts that are clouding your mind. This way, they are now on paper, and not your head.
  • Notes to self: Leaving yourself inspiring notes can be a great source of inspiration. You could leave a post-it on your mirror reminding you to smile every day, or also leave one on your phone to remind yourself to not compare your current situation with what you see online.
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Normally I wouldn't suggest checking your phone right after you wake up, but if you are like me and have a hard time waking up, your phone can be useful. However, you should avoid apps that are toxic for you... I believe that We Heart It is one of the few positive platforms out there, full of inspiration and lovely people, so I think that checking it every morning gets a pass! Here is how I would usually use We Heart It in the mornings:

  • Create a mood board: Heart 5-10 pictures that speak to you and show in some way what you want your day to look like.
  • Create a collection that speaks to your soul: and check it every morning. This one down below is mine!
I sometimes find it hard to put my thoughts into words so having this collection full of quotes is really inspiring for me! It gives me that extra push I need every morning to keep going and work towards my goals!

| Refresh your environment

Our environment is the representation of our minds. On the days where I feel overwhelmed and like everything in my life is all over the place, organizing and tidying up my room clears my mind. That is why refreshing your environment every morning will also refresh your mind, make you feel like you are ready to conquer your day and have a fresh start.

  • Open your curtains and windows to let some sunlight in and feel the fresh morning air.
  • Make your bed to accomplish your first task of the day and make your room look neat
  • Tidy up anything that you may have left misplaced (I suggest doing this at night to wake up to a clean room, but you could do it in the morning too!)

This may feel a little too much for the morning for some but, just imagine getting back home after a long day to a clean, organized and welcoming room!

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| Fuel your body

Breakfast is really important, so you should never skip it! I've read that we should have breakfast an hour after we wake up, but you make it work with your schedule! I think it is better to ensure you are giving your body the energy it needs and deserves rather than having to eat in a rush or avoid it altogether "because you didn't have enough time". Drink some warm lemon water right when you wake up, and after a little bit make yourself a delicious breakfast (if it is possible with your schedule, as I've just mentioned, wait until 1 hour has passed).

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| Read

Fiction or non-fiction... even just 10 minutes make a huge difference! You could sit down and focus 100% on your book or read while you are having breakfast. I personally love reading in the morning cause it takes my mind away for a little while which is one of the few ways I can really find myself enjoying the here and now.

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Do you have any book recommendations? Let me know!

| Get your body moving

If you have the time and really want to, you could work out, but that's not what I'm talking about here! You could get your body moving in a few multiple ways! Create a morning playlist and dance to it while you are getting ready, walk down the stairs instead of using the elevator, use your bike to commute, or walk to your bus stop (maybe instead of taking the bus in the stop you usually do, go one further so you can walk a little extra!).

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| Check your planner/agenda

If you have been reading my articles for a while, you might know that I'm a big believer in planners and to-do lists! For me, the best way to go around this is by writing down everything you need/would like to get around to do, group similar activities together and prioritize. This way you have an overall idea of what your day will look like. Now that you woke up a little bit earlier, maybe there are some tasks you can get a start off! Having a plan will make you feel more organized, productive and give you more control over your time!

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| Make yourself feel special

This may feel unrelated but showing some love and affection by taking care of ourselves can change quite a bit! I seriously notice a change in my attitude and mood when I take the time to get ready and pamper myself before getting started with the day.

  • Do your hair (actually taking the time to do it and not just putting it up in a bun or ponytail)
  • Put on your favorite perfume
  • Pick up an outfit you feel comfy in but ready to take on the world
  • Do your skincare routine
  • If you wear makeup, put some on (in my opinion some brow gel, mascara, and a nice lip product can change everything without taking too long!)
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That was it for today's article! Is there something you do every morning that has an impact on your day? I would love to know!


As always, feel free to message me if you want to leave a suggestion for my future articles or simply if you just wanna talk to someone ♡

Thank you for taking your time to read this, love you

( bel )
( bel )

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