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Name: Merula, meaning "Blackbird"
Age: 2089 but appears 19
body, mirror, and aesthetic image Image by Adriana Adriana blue, gray, and green image tattoo image
Skinny body with white skin, short pastel blue hair, grey eyes, freckles, angel tattoo, innocent appearance.
aesthetic, cool, and edgy image quotes, purple, and sad image quotes and good image emotions, pain, and quotes image
She looks very loving and caring but prefers to distance herself from everyone, she is empath but keeps her emotions hidden away, is very hot-headed and protective of her loved ones.
On Duty:
pretty image wings, angel, and black image Zuhair Murad, fashion, and haute couture image makeup, dark, and goth image dark image catwalk, clothes, and models image
She is a death angel
Human Style:
adidas, fashion, and outfit image shoes, black, and boots image piercing, ear, and earrings image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, crop top, and plaid pants image aesthetic, emo, and tumblr image
it, aesthetic, and bullshit image bad ass, quotes, and style image
-"What do you mean I can't take souls to hell just because they're annoying?! That is literally my job!"
-"If you weren't so cute I would have probably slapped you by now"
-"When you spend your days collecting the souls of the dead you can't afford to have feelings"
-"I'll admit it, It was a stupid idea from the beginning but you all still went with it..."
Love Interest:
boy, hair, and twitch image Mature image Image by Lucía wings, white, and feather image
Nathan, a cupid that brings the gentle side of her out.