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Hi everyone, I'm Angela, today I wanted to write a different type of article than I usually do ( a bit more fun) so here we are !

Hope you will like it ! You should check out my others articles !

Lil disclaimer : English is not my first language so if I made mistakes feel free to DM me about it, I will be glad to improve my grammar/vocabulary !

First of all, I have three (3) cats. The older is called Méphisto, he is 3 years and a half old. The second is called Pouétou (the cover image is him baby) who is 2 years old, and the younger one is Oggy who is 1 year old.


  • Always wears black
  • Grumpy but want attention
  • Body Positive !
  • Obsessed with astronomy and the night sky
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Human name : Lucius or Lucas

  • Soft style, Remus Lupin Vibes
  • Love to cuddle
  • Spends all of his time in bed, sleeping or playing with hair elastic
  • Very very jealous
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  • Artsy and love playing with make up
  • Always hungry or eating !
  • Immature
  • Always wears black and white or colorful monochrome looks
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It were my 3 cats and their own caracters and aesthetic if they were human, you can share this article with your friends if you enjoyed it ! If you wanna recreate it with your pets don't forget to DM me about it, I would be glad to read it !

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-Angela :)