I asked, you answered! Here is the long-awaited and very heavily requested part two to my Billie Eilish series! Without further ado let's get into Billie Eilish's Weirdest and Creepiest Song Lyrics Part TWO!!

"Isn't it lovely, all alone?" - Lovely

"And if you want a good girl, then goodbye" - My Boy

"You and I are suicidal stolen art" - B**ches Broken Hearts

"But I love it when you're awfully quiet" - Come out and Play

"But now I'm underwater, and my skin is paler than it should ever be" - When I Was Older

"I'll sit and watch your car burn" - Watch

"Heart made of glass, my mind of stone" - Lovely

"Wearing a warning sign" - You Should See Me In A Crown

"Tear me to pieces, skin to bone" - Lovely

"No, Billie, I haven't done that dance since my wife died" - Strange Addiction

"Deadly fever, please don't ever break" - Strange Addiction

"And it burns like a gin and I like it" - Strange Addiction

"Blood on a marble wall. I like the way they all scream" - You Should See Me In A Crown

Well, what did you think? Creeped out a bit? No? Just me... Okay, then... How many of these have you heard? Know them all? If you liked this article, please be sure to like it and leave a reaction so that I can know if you gals want a THIRD addition to my Billie Eilish series.

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