You can seek happiness everywhere, but you'll only find it where you are scaping from.

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While you don't make unconscious conscious, it will control your life and you will call it destiny.'
-Carl Jung, swiss psychiatrist

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I made the climb of my life removing rocks and planting flowers.
- Cora Coralina, brazilian poet

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If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.
-Seneca, greek philosopher

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I trained myself with the wind and the storm is now my party.
-Cecília Meireles, brazilian poet

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La vida no es la fiesta que habíamos imaginado, pero, ya que estamos aquí, bailemos.
(Life is not the party we thought it would be, but, now that we're already here, let's dance)
-F. Aramburu, spanish writer

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Love is not something you win by accomplishing tasks and shapening yourself to expectations.
-Buzzfeed article

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we want to be starts because they are high and beautiful and they shine. but to be starts we need to be on fire, and being on fire hurts. so, to be high, we will be hurted and everything will be burning, and people will pass without seeing our pain. they will just admire the shining chaos we became.
-instagram account @aindaemversos

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you see, the feelings in us, they are instantaneous. The rest is memory. And we like to call these memories. And like to call mostly the bad memories. It's like that story that I like a lot about two monks crossing a river and one of them helps a woman to cross the river. The monks promised to never touch women. So, one of them, one hour later, says 'you carried that woman!' and the other replies 'yes, but I left her there. And you are still carrying her'. When we open our hands, the whole universe fills inside them. When we hold something, we limit ourselves. And sometimes, we hold the pain, the suffering.
-Monja Coen, brazilian buddhist monk

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those who knew me in other times now doesn't. because when I was broken, my pieces took new places, more beautiful and stronger, to form this woman that writes today, with hard wrists and no fault to exist like she wants to.
-Ryane Leão, brazilian writer

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the world is afraid of extraordinary women.
-Ryane Leão, brazilian author

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for a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.
so collapse.
this is not your destruction.
this is your birth.

-Zoe Skylar, author

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Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift...
that's why they call it present

-Kung Fu Panda, the movie

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