Hello Everyone !

Starting today I will be posting general daily tarot card readings.

*Keep in mind this is a General reading*

Today's Card: The 6 of Wands
Lord of Victory
Fire Sign (you do not need to be a fire sign)
Astrological Correspondence: Jupiter in Leo

The 6 of wands is a card of victory, success,triumph, and achievement.

It is known as the minor arcana card for Fame,being in the spotlight,celebrity.
It describes someone who is a leader,confidence,and strength.

Today's energy could be a day of victory for you. A nice break from Mercury retrograde! You may experience success at an event or campaign or in something that you have been hoping will be work out in your favor.

Romantically today If you are single Success in your love life may be on its way or you may meet your dream partner.
If you have a boo today you are feel very proud of your relationship.

Career wise a new job or promotion is possible. You may also be recognized for some success at work today.

Spiritually today you are feeling like everybody looks to you for guidance.
Be sure that while you are being there for everybody that you prioritize yourself first.

Thank you & I hope it resonates <3

*This is a general reading so it may or may not resonate with you a piece might and another may not*

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