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This article is all about what to do with your friends! You don’t need a partner to go out and do cute and fun activities. I hope these ideas will inspire you to have fun and make some memories with your friends! I’ve included a mix of inside and outside activities so you have options no matter what the weather is._



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Who doesn’t love to eat! Baking something together can be such a fun bonding experience, especially when everything doesn’t go to plan. This is especially great because you end up with some treats to all eat together afterwards.


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Nothing like a game of mini-golf to see who is the most competitive! This is always fun, and gets you out of the house in a low-risk environment. Look out for fun themed min-golf zones, such as movie or neon themed.

Movie marathon

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Don’t feel like going out? Not a problem. Put on some of the groups favorite movies, nibble on those treats you baked earlier, and have a great time. You can even theme the movies you watch, such as horror movies, rom-coms or music movies.

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Beach picnic

The perfect low-cost summer activity. Head down to the beach, everyone can bring some food, pull out their bathers and have a splash! A great day of fun and making memories. Just remember to pack the sun cream!

Arts and crafts

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Why not do something fun and creative? There are so many different tutorials for easy crafts you can do at home, often with materials you already have. Ideas include macramé, planters or t-shirts. You’ll be making memories!


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What’s a better way to get out and smell the fresh air then going for a hike? It doesn’t have to be a massive one, just whatever your group feels the most comfortable with. This is a great bonding experience as well as being super good for you.


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Bring on the facials, manicures and massages! Having an at-home beauty session can be a great way to both unwind and have fun. It also makes for great photo opportunities with all your face masks on.

Live show

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There’s so many different options here, all ranging in cost! You can splurge and go big on a festival or concert for a big night of fun. Or you can go cheaper and have a quieter night at a comedy show or theatre performance.

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