My Whi family has grown a whole lot since I last wrote an article. And I figured maybe it's time we ge to know each other a little better. A while back I wrote a self introduction article which you can find here:

So here goes part 2!

I live in a small town in southeastern Sweden where I work full time at a café/restaurant in a uni hospital for med-students. So during the weeks it's all coffee, baking, sandwich making and serving lunches for me.

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Fun fact: I've worked as a barista for over 5 years, and I still haven't learned to drink coffee....

I'm very happy about where I'm at in my life at the moment. I live with a wonderful man that I love, have a job within a bike ride's distance and a wonderful crowd of people surrounding me.

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My family and friends along with my life partner makes my life complete. I love them all so dearly.

A collection where I post personal pictures of me and my loved ones, and everything we do together.

I'm OBSESSED with cats. Cats are joy. Cats are home. Cats are life. Cats are everythinggggg. Literally my favorite thing to do is spending quality time on the couch with my cats.

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My babies! <3

A big hobby of mine is planting. My plants are like my babies! There's something about watching them grow and thrive that gives me great joy.

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Some of my favorites in our home.

Trust me when I say NO ONE can beat me in a Disney knowledge quiz. I'm like the next level Disney nerd (and beyond proud of it). Disney is the b-e-s-t thing I know. I'm actually at loss for words to describe my love for the Disney classics.

My Disney collection.
Disney articles that I've written.

Feminism and lgbtq+ questions are really important matters to me. I try with the best of my abilities to fight any unjustice I may come across. For the most part I'm not afraid to tell people who are d*cks off, and that sometimes bites me in the backside... But that's all worth it if it means I can make even a small difference.

An article I wrote about the importance of feminism.
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10 quick facts about me:

1. I love taking long walks with my mother.
2. I can't stand coriander and pennyroyal.
3. My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff.
4. I practically live out of vegetables because it's so yummiiie!
5. I'm a tiny woman, only 150 cm.
6. I've always loved writing.
7. I studied economy and law during my gymnasium years (kind of swedish college).
8. My hair is always colourful. Life is too short for boring hair.
9. I grew up on the country side.
10. Lit candles give me life.

I would really love it if some of you reached out and told me some stuff about yourselves too! Lets talk, I promise I won't bite.