Hey guys! I ran across an article like this a little while ago and I wanted to do it with one of my favorite singers. I'm going to do it with songs from Taylor's new album Lover and if you like it... I might do one for all her albums!

First of all, here's the link to the album on Spotify


I highly recommend giving it a listen!

1. I Forgot That You Existed

Name: Scarlett Turner
Hobbies: singing and photography
Characteristics: sassy, sarcastic, bubbly, New Yorker

Temporarily removed blonde, classy, and fashion image lover, Lyrics, and quotes image purple, quotes, and wallpaper image

2. Cruel Summer

Name: Ariana Anderson
Hobbies: Painting, tanning, being reckless, and surfing
Characteristics: now or never mentality, happy, in love, a little bit crazy, Californian, adores summer

summer, girl, and travel image art, black, and inspiration image beach, california, and ocean image couples, hugs, and photography image

3. Lover

Name: Emma Campbell
Hobbies: Dancing around the living room with her boyfriend, ballet, journaling, reading
Characteristics: sweet, emotional, introverted, in love, loves animals

coffee, drink, and fashion image couple, love, and dance image dog, fashion, and beauty image journal and quotes image

4. The Man

Name: Valentina Garcia
Hobbies: Vlogging, activism, public speaking
Characteristics: Feminist, smart, bold, extroverted, Latina

latina, diane guerrero, and girl image quotes, female, and strong image outfit image friends, quotes, and rachel green image

5. The Archer

Name: Harper Smith
Hobbies: writing, playing piano, cooking
Characteristics: heartbroken, trusting, introverted, quiet, Canadian

quotes, goodbye, and heart image girl, summer, and aesthetic image Image by Megan piano, music, and vintage image

6. I Think He Knows

Name: Sydney Foster
Hobbies: editing pictures, doing peoples makeup, and traveling
Characteristics: Energetic, outgoing, loves making friends, clumsy

Image by 🎨🌻🎭𝑆ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑛𝑜𝑛🎭🌻🎨 makeup, glitter, and gold image beach, nature, and ocean image girl, summer, and friends image

7. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

Name: Brooklynn Moore
Hobbies: going to coffee shops, theater, and debate
Characteristics: tough exterior but easily hurt, sweetheart, goofball

girl, model, and taylor hill image books and coffee image aesthetic, window, and bed image flowers, girl, and hair image

8. Paper Rings

Name: Makayla Owens
Hobbies: softball, singing, origami, making jewelry
Characteristics: British, giggley, nice

beauty, katy, and katy perry image bikini, blonde, and fashion image selena gomez image oragami and sweaterweather image

9. Cornelia Street

Name: Violet Wood
Hobbies: Baking, listening to music, taking walks through the city
Characteristics: In love, biggest smile ever, has the voice of an angel but she doesn't believe it, loyal

fashion, flowers, and girl image Image by Emily Moulay love, couple, and Relationship image accessories, building, and chic image

10. Death By A Thousand Cuts

Name: Camila Lopez
Hobbies: Loves making home movies, writing stories, and watching the stars
Characteristics: tough, heartbroken, hispanic, loves vintage clothes

character, curly hair, and ethnic image book, glasses, and writing image bronze, hairstyle, and Nude image Image removed

11. London Boy

Name: SIerra Adams
Hobbies: loves concerts, trying different kinds of wine, writing in her diary
Characteristics: From Pennsylvania, in love, loves hugs, jokester

beauty, girl, and outfit image drink image coffee, book, and writing image concert, fans, and london image

12. Soon You'll Get Better

Name: WIllow Young
Hobbies: Paintings, forensics, and gardening
Characteristics: Mother died from cancer when young, is very smart, is quiet and very loving, green eyes

red pink yellow, اقتباسات عبارات تركيه, and مشاهير تركيا امريكيا image girl, art, and flowers image Image removed nature, plants, and green image

13. False God

Name: Alice Browne
Hobbies: Listening to jazz music, shopping, styling extra outfits, loves donating to charities
Characteristics: Comes from a wealthy family, is British, is very extra

aesthetic, gold, and scholl image Image by sündos fashion, girl, and red image vogue, rose gold, and cafe image

14. You Need To Calm Down

Name: Reagan York
Hobbies: Going to marches, playing basketball, kickboxing
Characteristics: is bisexual, only wears bright colors, activist

bisexuality, awareness, and gay image Image by Bellatrix fitness, girl, and workout image aesthetic, tommy hilfiger, and tumblr image

15. Afterglow

Name: Madeline Howell
Hobbies: drinking wine on the rooftop, sketching, blogging
Characteristics: Is the definition of classy, always has her hair done, from England

fashion, jacket, and woman girl image drink, fashion, and red image aesthetic, white, and book image fashion, luxury, and gold image

16. ME!

Name: Jade Harris
Hobbies: Fashion designing, volunteering at the animal shelter
Characteristics: Only wears pastel colors, cat lover, has pink hair

fashion, clothes, and outfit image cat, cute, and kitten image soft grunge, blue eyes, and model image fashion designer and fashion designing image

17. It's Nice To Have A Friend

Name: Lyla Jackson
Hobbies: taking walks through the park, spotting shapes in the clouds, choir
Characteristics: quirky, fell in love with best friend

Image removed девушка, ЯБЫСОХРАНИЛА, and белый image autumn, brasov, and crisp image love, couple, and smile image

18. Daylight

Name: Iris Hale
Hobbies: watching the sunrise and sewing
Characteristics: Favorite color is yellow, sweetheart, is nice to everyone, extroverted, favorite animal is a duck

yellow, aesthetic, and clothes image fashion, style, and beach image aesthetic, beach, and ocean image duck, cute, and animal image

That's it! I hope you liked it! Once again, go give Lover a listen!

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