Still haven’t nailed down the perfect ensemble for your October 31st festivities? Opt for a next-level beauty look instead! When done right, swiping on a spooky-chic cateye or highly pigmented, galaxy-inspired eyeshadow is just as impactful as a traditional Halloween costume.

Steal the show (as in, win every single costume contest you enter) with one of these bold makeup ideas we’re coveting hard right now.

The “Bat” Eye

Halloween, makeup, and yellow image

What you’ll need: A felt-tip liquid eyeliner pen and creamy matte eyeshadow in a neon hue.

Galaxy Girl

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What you’ll need: Loose metallic pigment in a variety of shades, plus a white eye pencil.

Crystalline Lids

euphoria, makeup, and blue image

What you’ll need: Liquid eyeshadow in a rich primary hue of your pick and self-adhesive rhinestones––lots of them.

euphoria, makeup, and blue image

Super-starry Eyed

crush, stars, and estrellas image

What you’ll need: Copper glitter gel with celestial-inspired sparkles.

Artful Eyeliner What you’ll need: Liquid eyeliner in vivid opaque colors. For perfectly symmetrical shapes, consider using a stencil or adhesive template made specifically for eye makeup.

art, eyes, and makeup image

Rainbow Bright

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What you’ll need: Blendable eyeshadow crayons in ROYGBIV and wispy false lashes for length.