Kate: "Hey, I'm on board right now. I'll be um, flying soon hahaha well wish me luck on my first flight. I didn't get to uh, say goodbye to you in person I'm sorry...I didn't know when or how hell I don't think I can even look at you straight in the eyes... I just, look, this is not just about me moving to Italy, I just don't want to leave without a closure. I don't want to leave then thinking for like the rest of my life sulking on our relationship and after the break up I just, I don't wanna leave without confronting you about it. I know you don't want to hear about me anymore, I don't even know exactly where you are right now, I don't think I can move on without letting out my feelings about this, about what happened to us. So Lucas, here it goes. I'm sorry I had to leave. I can't bear to see you smiling when I don't feel the same way anymore. I just can't love you like I did before. It's harsh isn't it, I'm harsh. I know I promised to stay with you forever but I just fell out of it. I love you but, it's not there anymore. I don't wanna do this but I don't want to hurt you more than you're already hurting right now. It's not your fault please Lucas don't, please, it's not you, you don't blame yourself on this one, it's me, it's all me...and I'm sorry...that I can't love you longer than what I promised. I don't want to hurt you anymore so please, forget me Lucas, the love you give, I can't give it back. I can't give the love back anymore Lucas I'm sorry. I'm sorry, please, please, please... voice breaking
Lucas? I'm leaving now, I'm sorry. Take care of yourself.
Look above with me, will you wish upon a star with me? If I can wish on a star and it grants me one thing, then I wish to love you one last time...
I'm sorry, goodbye."

end of voicemail