Reviewing my personal goals for 15.

Hello! My name is Kelly and I turned 15 nearly a year ago now.

In 4 days it will be my 16th birthday which is crazy to me but in this article I want to review the goals that I set myself in my ’15th candles' article.
My 15 candles article. ^

_______ fifteen candles ________
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15 things, each point metaphorically being a candle.

ONE // Stop comparing yourself to others.

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Honestly, this time last year I was in this toxic mindset of comparing myself, my talents, academics, appearance etc with other people in my life and wondering to myself why I wasn’t good enough and why I wasn’t more like them, more successful or happier.
It’s taken time to break out of that mindset as it’s not something you can turn off and on in just a click, it was subconscious but now I think I've gotten to the point in life where I honestly couldn’t care less, I know my worth.

TWO // Appreciate the people around you.

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Sure I feel isolated sometimes and no matter how much people say that they are there for me, I just don’t feel it. That’s something that will always come and go, the feeling of being alone with your thoughts although there are so many people who love and care about you.
Being 15, well my 15th was a strange year, I made and lost friends. Had arguments with my family but also made great memories with them.

But I also lost someone.

You never realise how much you appreciate that person until you lose them, god i wish i took this advice more, whether that’s telling them how much they mean to you or just speaking to them over the phone, check up on your grandparents especially please. Spend time with them because time goes by so fast.

Appreciate the people around you.

THREE // Don't overthink everything.

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I don’t think I'll ever stop overthinking. It’s something that just happens and it makes my anxiety go through the roof.
I’m talking more about overthinking situations rather than the other kind, I’ve said yes to a lot more social events with my friends without overthinking what it will be like. I’m also going to a concert next year to see The 1975 which is a big step for me as there will be massive crowds and it’s not with my closest friends however I’m determined to have a good time without stressing too much.
With general overthinking, i still overthink so much but I’m working on it little by little.

FOUR // Take more photos.

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Well my current camera roll has the grand total of 12,873 photos and 4,132 videos and i have never been more thankful for my 256GB of storage on my iphone.
Although i don’t go on photoshoots as much anymore as life has gotten busy, I tend to take more photos of things rather than have my photo taken this year which is a nice change, I’ve also been editing more with my own photos which you can see on my instagram @Kellyxma !

FIVE // Don't push people away.

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If i’m being honest, this month hasn’t been great and my trust issues are beyond the roof but I’m really trying to not block anyone out of my life and tell my friends about how i’m feeling.
Sure I keep a lot of things to myself as I feel like its a burden to others if I reach out however i’m starting to let people in which is so scary to me as they could walk right out of my life at any minute knowing a lot about me but I just have to have faith i guess.

SIX // Travel more.

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I travelled several times this year and spent a total of 2 days on a plane (12 hours flights x4)
I didn’t get to travel in terms of having a holiday, I had to fly to Hong Kong twice this year because of family stuff, I guess in a way this wish came true but in the most horrible and unfortunate circumstances.

SEVEN // Write more songs.

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Part of my music GCSE is to compose a song in which I’m currently doing.
This does count right? I haven’t written anymore songs since last year, i just haven’t got the time but for my gcse I have to compose a full on vocal song so i guess this will be fulfilled very soon.

EIGHT // Apologise less.

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I’ve stopped apologising to literally every little thing and anything eg. me : * bumps into a door * also me: * apologises to the door even though it is an inanimate object *

NINE // Give more compliments.

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I’ve learnt to admire people and let them know if i like their outfit or hair instead of keeping it to myself as it will make their day as well as yours.
Something a little compliment will really boost someone’s self esteem or make someones day.

TEN // Be more productive.

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I’m better at getting things done now especially with my gcses being this year, i kind of HAVE to get my time management right.
I’m now writing down things that I have to complete in the present week to make sure I don’t forget anything, in general i’m starting to organise my life a little bit more.

ELEVEN // Do more sport.

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I haven’t played much sport this year, I consistently did badminton as part of a school club until summer and this academic year I simply don’t have the time for after-school sports so I just stick to working out at home or walking to places instead of driving to get a little bit more excersise.

TWELVE // Accept change.

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Either way i’ve learnt that you have to accept change, living in denial will only hurt you more.

THIRTEEN // Work harder.

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I’m aiming to get 7’s,8’s and hopefully 9’s in my gcses which are in June 2020, that’s basically A’s, A*’s and A**’s in my subjects.
I’ve been revising more and planning out my time but I still have days where I just want to sit down and do absolutely nothing...

FOURTEEN // Don't underestimate yourself.

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I’ve worked so hard on not underestimating myself and making myself go for bigger goals and ambitions.
I know what I’m capable of in good ways and bad and its all a huge learning step.

FIFTEEN // Keep going.

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I’m still here.
I’ve felt so mentally drained this year, I had a really mentally deteriorating summer because of a major event that occurred and i’m not going to lie I’m not going great right now but I know I will get better slowly but surely. I’m still here.

Thats it for my review of all the wishes I wanted myself to grant for my 15th.

My 15th was a tough year but everything happens for a reason, right?

I’ll be posting an article called ‘16 candles’ on my birthday 15th October so stay tuned for that! Thank you for reading!

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