These are my song of the day selections from April 2019

Fool's Gold // One Direction

fashion and girl image goals baddie baddies, lady woman women, and girly girls girl image
And yeah I've let you use me from that day that we first met, but I'm not done yet, falling for you.

CAN'T STOP THE FEELING // Justin Timberlake

beautiful, couple, and love image titanic, leonardo dicaprio, and jack image
Nothing I can see but you when you dance, dance, dance

Getaway Car // Lea Michelle

couple, love, and car image couple, love, and boy image
Stole the night, now this world is ours, love. Just us kids in a getaway car

Collide // Rachel Platten

waves, ocean, and sea image teen wolf, derek, and sterek image
I'm a stormy ocean, but you're steady. And I'm all commotion, but you get me.

13 Beaches // Lana Del Rey

sea, boy, and ocean image Image by Kaley
It took thirteen beaches to find one empty. But finally, it's mine.

Strangers // Sigrid

rain, girl, and aesthetic image Image by Private User
Just like in the movies it starts to rain and we, we're the broken beauties. Blindfolded minds collide and we fall.

Hallelujah // Reuben And The Dark

pink, water, and aesthetic image girl, pale, and white image
I saw the devil walking in the daylight, but he didn't see me

Closer To You (feat. Sinead Harnett) // Dan Caplen

travel, sky, and plane image 13 reasons why, dylan minnette, and katherine langford image
We used to spend every Friday night searching for them thrills. Wandering 'round in ecstasy, but didn't take the pills

Blackout // Freya Ridings

couple, love, and kiss image love, couple, and boy image
I wanted you to be the one who stayed

Drive All Night // NEEDTOBREATHE

guitar, music, and photography image snow, beauty, and landscape image
Try and prove the poets wrong. There must be time. Maybe we could be the song to march us on.

E.G.O. // Lucie Silvas

Image by *:・゚✧𝓁𝑒𝓈✧*:・゚ Mature image
We don't care how we get to the top, we just wanna be someone

Mountains // Emeli Sande

love, couple, and boy image love, couple, and boy image
I know that it’s our heart that’s going to save us. If we never come back, how can they blame us?

12 // The 1975

b&w, satan, and creepy image minimal and black image

Eleven // Rob Curly

smoke, couple, and weed image bath, couple, and love image
Memories flash, sharing a blunt and a bath, listen and loving her laugh

Ten Cent Pistol // The Black Keys

Abusive image Mature image
The laws of man do not apply when blood gets in a woman's eye

9th of october // Tove Lo

love, couple, and kiss image Abusive image
We never wanted a normal kind of love

8 (circle) // Bon Iver

nature, cave, and beautiful image Dream, galaxy, and paradise image
I'll keep in a cave, your comfort and all unburdened and becoming

7th Floor // Cody Jinks

board, decor, and floor image photography and rainbow image
Doesn't make much sense, the crazy things I do under the influence of the pain that I've been through

6 inch (feat. The Weeknd) // Beyonce

Image by greysarfati Image by Private User
She don't gotta give it up 'cause she professional

Five Months Later // Prince Fox

love, couple, and kiss image fit, cute, and abs image
You were all that I wanted. Till you weren't anymore.

4AM // Melanie Fiona

drinks image girl and bed image
My lover won't answer. He's probably somewhere with a dancer, sippin' champagne while I'm in his bed.

Three // Lauren Alaina

Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ music, aesthetic, and radio image
Six years of missing home, but I'd spend fifty more gone for three minutes on the radio

Two Ghosts // Harry Styles

Image by Private User body, boy, and suit image
Same lips red, same eyes blue. Same white shirt, couple more tattoos.

One Day // Ella Mai

girl, hair, and beauty image kehlani and Tattoos image
How could you ever, look me right in the eye and tell me all of your goddamn lies

Here Tonight // Brett Young

Image by Private User couple and love image
We can just stay here in this minute, lose all track of time

ME! (feat. Brendon Urie) // Taylor Swift

flowers, smile, and ًًًًًًًًًًًًً image girl, flowers, and pink image
Babydoll, when it comes to a lover, I promise that you'll never find another like me.

Lets Get Lost // Carly Rae Jepsen

boyfriend, eternity, and wedding image alternative, L, and cute image
I like that you're driving slow. Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe you'll take the long way home.

Wow, I'm Not Crazy // AJR

girl, alone, and beautiful image arms, girlfriend, and b&w image
Frankly, I’m scared of clowns, and get-togethers get me down. But when you talk, it’s like, "Wow, I’m not crazy".

Opposite Of Loving Me - Stripped // Etham

fashion and style image Temporarily removed
’Cause I don't remember saying, "Let's fight every night. Let’s never get it right, only bad times" No, I don't remember.

Grow Up // Christopher

boy, aesthetic, and love image amazing, morning, and sleeping image
Oh I miss the times without the expectations, when I was still patient talking to my mom