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Today, I got inspired by this article:

So, without any further ado, let's get to it.



theme, aesthetic, and psd image aesthetic, chill, and details image
charlotte meghan darson


fashion, Kendall, and jenner image best friend, birthday, and france image
21 ( born november 24th)


badass, bitch, and harry potter image antisocial, hi, and moto image Image removed Temporarily removed Image by iiiiiiii quotes, charm, and beauty image


home, luxurious, and decor image home, interior, and mulberry image
manager in a world-famous hotel chain.


christmas, girl, and vintage image nails and black image
blue eyes, black hair, rather pale, rather short in height, slightly underweight.


black leather jacket, white sneakers, and black ripped jeans image black, grunge, and style image
as long as it's black.


actor, british, and guy image Colin Firth, galahad, and kingsman image
merlin and roxy - harry's more of a mentor/work colleague for her.

love interest

Colin Firth, galahad, and the secret service image actor, handsome, and movie image
eggsy (let's just pretend the whole tilde-thing didn't happen, haha)


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