hey guys! i am here with a new question challenge: the fashion one.
hope u like it!

inspired by this one

01 ๐Ÿš what is your go-to concert outfit?

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i have only been to one concert: the coldplay one, and i wore this really cute overall. so, yeah...

02 ๐Ÿš wyr wear a perfume called sugar cookies or honey blossom?

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idk why but honey blossom sounds better lol

03 ๐Ÿš do you prefer neutral color shoes or colorful kicks?

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tbh neutral color shoes

04 ๐Ÿš if you had to pick any song right now to get ready to, which one are you picking?

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probably knew better / forever boy by ariana grande. although i have a full playlist for that lol

there u go: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6pZ3DBRq0s9WMtVwksF8bm?si=roZ3BQz3TvGJH0oD6zWuSg

05 ๐Ÿš it is you first day of school, what would u wear?

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probably this with some black boots

06 ๐Ÿš describe your fashion aesthetic in three words

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probably: unpredictable, colorful and misunderstood

07 ๐Ÿš if you were getting your nails done right now, what would u tell them u want?

Image by .
i am wearing a pink outfit, so...this one

08 ๐Ÿš u r going on a casual date with jack from titanic, how would you do your hair?

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i looove this hairstyle

09 ๐Ÿš would u rather have a chanel purse or prada shoes?

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definitely a chanel purse

10 ๐Ÿš what color looks the best on u?

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i think yellow as my skin is kinda dark

11 ๐Ÿš a cute boy walks by, tell me what is he wearing

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i would be madly in love with that guy

12 ๐Ÿš you are writing a blog about fashion, what are your top 3 must have pieces on ur wardrobe?

fashion, outfit, and champion image fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, outfit, and style image
probably a pair of black jeans, a nice shirt or flannel and a jean jacket

13 ๐Ÿš you are inspired to do a makeup look, but a tv show inspired you

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definitely euphoria. i am in love with the aesthetic of the makeup looks

14 ๐Ÿš what cute animal would u be for halloween?

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bunny ๐Ÿฐ

15 ๐Ÿš if you had a clothing brand, what gem stone would it be named after?

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probably ruby. sounds cute

16 ๐Ÿš from 1-10, how confident are you when u dress up?

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probably a 10. i really like my aesthetic

17 ๐Ÿš what is an underrated makeup product you absolutely love?

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i think blush is kinda underrated but i loooove it

18 ๐Ÿš if you could give someone an advice about fashion, what would it be?

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okay so hereโ€ฒs the deal: i think that when u wear clothes u do not have to let the clothes wear you. u have to be confident af, even if u r wearing the most horrible piece of clothing EVER. held your head high and be like: i am here, hoes. oh and when ya think some flannel or shirt looks bad: u can always make it a crop top and make it look better ๐Ÿ’›

19 ๐Ÿš what season has the best fashion?

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probably summer. i think it has more creativity in itโ€ฒs clothes

20 ๐Ÿš lastly, pick an outfit and rate if from 1-10. tell me what u love about it

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i give this one a 10. i think it is really fresh and fun. i looove the sunglasses, the red pants and the chains. plus, the top is really unique and the sneakers are cool. i would love to wear it.