When I was 10 years old, I wanted to become a marine biologist. At the age of 12, I wanted to be a vet, then a famous author or an actress. Then I realized, that it would make sense to get a job that is well paid, so I started thinking about medicine and law and was almost certain, that one day I would become a successful doctor.
But after a while, I asked myself: is that REALLY what I wanted to do for the rest of my life? Would I want to commit to such a demanding job, just for the money and the sake of being able to tell people that you are a cardiologist? The answer was no. So, there I was again, completely planless.
At this point, I was almost 16 years old and I had to choose my classes according to what I wanted to do in the future, which was pretty hard, regarding that I didn`t even know if I wanted to do something with science, languages or humanities. Now the plan was to find a passion- and that pretty quickly. Believe me, I tried everything: From singing to dancing, over astronomy to cooking. In the end, I had to accept that I was outstandingly bad. Then, one day. I discovered the option of journalism. Immediately, I was fascinated.

The best thing about it was, that people kept telling me, that they could envision me doing that. Don`t we all love reassurance?
Now you may ask: So, what was the reason journalism fascinated you so much? Well, it was the aspect of being able to combine so many things, all the other jobs also offered: meeting new and interesting people, writing about things that you care about, having some freedom and possibilities, and just so many different subjects you get in touch with. For me, journalism is the opportunity to use my extremely competitive thinking in a positive way, such as being the first, the fastest and the best at reporting the latest news. Furthermore, I get to witness so many exciting events and report about things that happen all over the world. Just the thought of having the power to influence people´s perspective on certain topics, just by choosing another headline, just blows my mind. And I want to be able to start conversations, discussions, debates and get people to think about everything that`s happening on our planet. I want to create a picture of our world by using my own words and spread them through the many possibilities we have with media today.
That is my story and I hope that I will be able to continue it by adding more experiences with journalism.

May all of our dreams and aspirations become reality.