Halloween Countdown Day 11/31: Shapeshifting Demons

As you're walking through the streets at night you suddenly stop right in your tracks when you hear a cat meowing. You look around and then see how it crawls out from her hiding spot under a random car. It carefully approaches you. Aw, a cute cat. Right? – wrong.

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Welcome back to my Halloween countdown, if you're new I highly suggest you check out my Halloween Countdown collection that I link at the end of every article. That being said, grab your snacks and your blankets because today we're talking about a cultural belief that will make chills run down your spine.

Cats, you either absolutely love them or absolutely hate them, there's no in between (I personally love them).
As I think most of you know by now, I was born and raised in Germany, however my roots go back to the northern part of the African continent – Morocco.

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Aside from my culture, I think it is a common belief in a lot of different cultures that demons can take the shape of other beings as well.
However in Morocco specifically, there's this belief that demons (or jins as they call them) like to take the shape of cats and dogs – especially at night. So you're warned to never go near a cat or a dog you're not familiar with at night.

You're also warned to never harm them or you might get possessed. There's stories of people who ran over cats or purposefully hurt them and then got haunted, went insane, got possessed or/and sick.

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I never knew about this until I went on a family vacation in Morocco during summer and my friends and I were walking around the street. There was a forest next to us and suddenly a cat walked out and started walking right in my direction while repeatedly meowing. My friends looked at me like I was crazy when I crouched down and began petting the cat. The cat kept following us and honestly it was tearing my heart apart because I so badly wanted to take her home with me and keep her but I knew I couldn't.

It was then that my friends explained to me why they were looking at me that way. They also explained you're not allowed to say anything to them because once you start engaging with demons they attach themselves to you quickly.

Personally, I love cats and dogs way too much to give a damn, they can possess me anytime they want. I'll buy them food and milk either way.

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We have arrived at the end of this article and hopefully you enjoyed it! What do you think? Are there similar beliefs in your culture? Don't be shy to send me a message and tell me about your experiences! See you tomorrow, sleep well!

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