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name: eva nelson
age: 24
birthday: november 12

eva is from los angeles, but moves to new york due to her pianist job. she lives in the apartment above the one of rachel and monica's.

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short wavy brown hair; big round hazel-greenish eyes; plump rose lips; freckles; 5'4 tall.
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eva's sweet, quiet, passionate, loving, kind-hearted and brave. however, she's also stubborn, sarcastic, impulsive, cynical, paranoid and messy.

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eva's an artist. she literally lives to make art, whatever is playing the piano or writing poetry.

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classy. however, if she's in the mood, nothing stops her from dressing all comfy.

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eva and chandler dated back in their college years. at that time, their relationship was really serious, but unfortunately, they broke up.
when eva transfers in the building of the group and they eventually meet again, they start dating. they will have a deep, full-loving, beautiful relationship for about two years. when they break up again, both eva and chandler are devasted but succeed at remaining friends.

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david and eva met at a piano concert. he was so charming, eva couldn't help but being interested. their relationship is complicated and full of ups and downs due to their differences but they eventually know how to make things work.


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