Hi! In this article I will talk about the relationship with my male best friend. Many people are convinced that a friendship between a boy and a girl is not possible, but we are the proof that it actually is possible!

His name is Luca, he's 18 (almost 19) years old. We have the same age.


  • We went to the same Pre-school but in different classes, then we went to elementary school and middle school together and after that we grew apart in high school.
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  • Even if we didn't go at the same high school, we hang out a lot together on weekends with our group of friends from middle school, we are all still friends now.
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  • Now we just started university, and guess what? We end up together again! We are following the same classes.


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We both love music, so when we go to university we just listen to a lot of music in the car. I have to admit that he has better music taste than mine so he's trying to teach me something ahah.
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He plays the guitar, and I used to. He also plays the piano and I took singing lessons so sometimes we just meet and sing and play instruments together.
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We both love to party! We like to dance in clubs and we have our own moves, most of them are just silly and funny.
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Concerts. Just lots and lots of concerts. However we never went together because as I said, we have different music taste.
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Trying new things. We went to my first silent disco together, we travelled with our group of friends for the first time together, he will take me to buy vintage clothes for the first time.


Of course our friends always tell us that we would look cute together as a couple. We always look at each other with disgusted face (in a funny way lol), and we both say no because we are more like brother and sister. One time we talked about it and we both agreed that right now we don't think is possible, but who knows?! maybe in the future we will look at each other in different ways. Also some of my friends who doesn't know him think that we already are a couple because we spend lots of time together and I post stories on Instagram with him all the time.


We've been trough a lot together and I think that the fact that we always end up together its a sign. My mom a few days ago called him my angel. It made me think a lot. I started to think that he could be. I'm a really shy person and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have a group of friends to university in just one week. I'm very anxious, but not when I have him around, he just calms me. Also I care what people think of me and he reminds me that it's not important. We don't always get along, but it's normal, we have this brother - sister relationship but we make up really fast.I'm so grateful to have him in my life, and I hope that our friendship will last forever.

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