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The Body Shop launches products that have really good quality and at the same time, they are pricey. People express desire to own their products but some refrain as they don't believe in saving and investing money for themselves. Please remember that we here at sunflowersandwifi do not encourage splurging, but mere advocacy of possibilites.


Image by Priscilla & Muskaan
This soap-free bath and shower gel contains organic, cold-pressed olive oil. It has a neutral scent.

- Soap-free
- Lather-rich
- Neutral olive scent

Price : 345 Rupees

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Uses : - Shower Gel - Bubble Bath


We first tried this product in the month of September. The temperature was perfect while reviewing as it alleviated skin dryness, Its texture is super gel like and oily at the same time. It began to lathered after a few seconds of scrubbing. It smelled like olives (of course!) and coconut oil. The Body Shop usually ensures usage of organic and pure scents to add fragrance to their products. We personally adore TheBodyShop!!! The end result is that it left my skin smooth and clean.

People who love oils and natural organic scents would really like this product. It seems very suitable for the winters and skin tends to get extremely dry. On an overall, we really liked this products; if you are interested; you can buy the set of this same fragrance and enjoy your skin self care sessions basking in olives and warmth!

Rating: 3.9/ 5

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Much Love.xx

Priscilla & Muskaan.