Soto Ajam is originally a chicken soup from Indonesian cuisine. A no go for vegetarians, but I now have a vegetarian recipe for you for yummy Soto non Ayam. A vegetarian Soto Ayam so. With Jackfruit. It has become my own variant of the Indonesian classic, so I hope I will not take anyone to the chest. We found it all 4 very very tasty!

Chicken Soup
This Indonesian chicken soup is really a classic. A super simple broth with in addition all sorts of toppings that you can do in your soup. So it is a very richly filled meal soup. For the toppings, you can think of rice, green beans, edame beans, cucumber, egg, bean sprouts and so on.

Monkey Platter
Soto Ayam is often served with all sorts of dishes on the table so you can do your own toppings in your soup. Not only does this look cozy at the table, but it is also very useful because so everyone chooses what he likes. Especially with children, this is really ideal. The broth you can not do much error in children. It often goes wrong with all the ' pieces ' in the soup. With a monkey platter, kids can choose which pieces they eat. This way you give them more control over their food. I say to my son, for example, that he has to choose at least 3 things in his soup. He may choose which 3. And so the potential battle moment has ended immediately.

Jack Fruit
This Soto Ayam with Jackfruit has been on my list for a long time to make. Jackfruit is a plant-based meat substitute. The name says it all; It's fruit. But then fruit with a fleshy structure. If you cook or bake the jackfruit for a bit longer, it becomes drab and gets a ' pulled ' effect. Jack fruit tastes quite neutral and takes the flavor of the herbs you use. For this recipe, I marinated the jackfruit with some soy sauce.

Don't have a jackfruit, can't find it in the grocery store or don't you like it? You can also make this soup fine without a jack fruit! The only thing you miss is the flesh structure.

.3 tablespoons soy sauce
.250 gram young jack fruit half a Glance
.1 tablespoon sunflower oil
.2 cloves of garlic
.1 onion
.1 cm fresh ginger
.1 tablespoon turmeric
.1 Stalk of lemongrass
.2 bay leaves
.1 tablespoon lime juice
.2 liters boiling water + 3 cubes of vegetable broth
Toppings Choose what you like!
.4 eggs
.500 gram Green beans
.200 grams of pandan rice or noodles
.125 grams bean sprouts and/or other germ vegetables
.155 grams of Edamebeans in cans
.1 Half Cucumber
.3 stems spring onions
.4 Hands Fried onions
.1 hand fresh coriander or parsley

Drain the Jackfruit and Mariner in the soy sauce and some salt and pepper. Set aside.

Peel the onion, garlic, and ginger and cut super fine. Heat the oil in a soup and fry briefly the onion, ginger, and garlic (do not bake too hard, because then it fortifies and that is not delicious!).

Then add the water, the broth cubes, the stalk of lemongrass, turmeric, lime juice, and laurel. Let cook for 15 minutes. Add the jackfruit (incl soy sauce) The last 5 minutes and let it boil along.

Meanwhile, prepare your toppings:
– Cook the rice/rice according to the instructions on the package until
– Wash and cap the green beans and cook in 10-12 minutes until al dente.
– Boil the eggs in 7 minutes, drain and peel them when cooled.
– Cut the spring onions into thin rings
– Drain the Edamebeans.
– Cut the cucumber through the middle. Remove the seed lists and cut them into thin slices. Put in a dish and pour 4 tablespoons of vinegar and add water until the cucumber is just underwater. Let the acid soak and pour off as soon as you use the cucumber.
– Put the fried onion, bean sprouts and coriander leaves ready.
Remove the Laurel and lemongrass from the soup.
The soup is now ready to serve.

You can choose to create the soup in the kitchen or to serve all toppings in separate bowls on the table so that everyone can boast themselves. I always choose the latter. I call it a monkey platter. For instance, everyone can choose which ingredients he wants in the soup. Ideal for kids! Do not be economical with the ingredients, the soup may be well filled! Eat Tastily!

Such a stuffed soup may not look really kids proof, but you will be surprised how many children like it! My secret is to serve the ingredients in dishes on the table (as a kind of monkey platter). This way the kids can choose what they want in their soup. There is always something to do with what they like. And the basic soup is not too spicy or spicy, so children often find delicious!

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Nutritional value
Calories: 379kcal