When I first started to wright articles I did an article on my friends aesthetics and ever since that article I have gotten better at creating aesthetics, or at least I like to believe I have.
Hope You Enjoy This Update


Me aka Bia

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"Girls like her can't be tamed...
And I know she would rather be six feet under dancing with the devil than give up her freedom"


girl, aesthetic, and beautiful image study, notes, and school image aesthetic, fashion, and science image fashion, outfit, and yellow image art, brown, and indie image aesthetic, funny, and OC image
"She is a well read women and that makes her dangerous.
So if you think for a second you can play her you are very wrong!"


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"We work so hard and we are always responsible!
But tonight we party and is going to be the best party ever... If we can remember it"


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"She was always a giver... She gives, and gives and gives.
Her love knows no boundaries but don't be fulled she knows her worth and won't settle for less"