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1. Witches or vampires?

A: Vampires!!!

vampire, lips, and red image vampire, blood, and teeth image

2. What is your favorite hot drink?

A: Any tea or Pumpkin spice latte!

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image aesthetic, bibliophile, and book image

3. Which movie do you watch to prepare for Halloween?

A: 'Twilight' (cliche, I know) or 'The Vampire Diaries' if I'm in the mood.

robert pattinson, sexy, and twilight image twilight, edward cullen, and bella swan image

4. Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what/who are you dressing up as?

A: Nope.

5. Do you watch scary movies? If so, which one do you love the most?

_A: I sometimes do. 'Drag me to hell' is one of my faves, among 'The Conjuring' and 'Annabelle'.

Image by keys doll, movie, and trailer image

6. Which smell/scent reminds you of autumn?

A: Pumpkins, coffee, and the smell of the earth after a rain!

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image rain, petrichor, and smell image

7. Can you remember your first Halloween costume?

A: Yes, I was Minnie Mouse!

8. What song reminds you of autumn?

A: ''Here With Me'' by Susie Koh! My October playlist is here:


9. Which book reminds you of autumn?

A: Definitely the 'Harry Potter' series!

book, harry potter, and coffee image harry potter, book, and coffee image

10. Which fictional character would you spend Halloween with, and what would you do?

A: Honestly, I'd love to spend this event with Daniel, the fallen angel from Lauren Kate's trilogy, 'Fallen'.

angel, love, and fallen image Image by Private User

11. What's your go-to outfit on cold October days?

A: A white sweater and blue/black jeans.

Image by Kara! fashion, outfit, and style image

12. If you could time travel this Halloween, which year would you travel to to trick-or-treat?

A: Probably back when I still was 10 or 11 :).

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image Halloween, autumn, and pumpkin image

13. Do you bake? If so, what is your favorite thing to bake in autumn?

A: I don't usually bake but when I do, I do with my mom and she teaches me various stuff! But I don't have an absolute fave!

cupcake, Halloween, and fall image pretty, bake, and good morning image

14. Can you share one thing that you would like to happen this autumn?

A: Find happiness and fall in love, maybe?

aesthetic, autumn, and couple image Image by Private User

15. Cozy socks or scarves?

A: Cozy socks!

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, coffe, and fall image

16. Big blankets or an oversized sweater?

A: Oversized sweater!

clothes, dress, and ideas image autumn, fall, and fashion image

17. It is the night of Halloween: are you snuggled up in your bed, out partying, or trick-or-treating?

A: Most likely sleeping!

18. Do you prefer the sound of rain or crunching leaves?

A: Forever the sound of rain!

Image by Private User cozy, rain, and retro image

19. Will you try the haunted house or the corn maze this year?

A: Already visited the haunted house!

academia, architecture, and autumn image dark, house, and abandoned image

20. Candy apples or apple pie?

A: Definitely apple pie.

Apple Pie, autumn, and fall image candle, tea, and pie image

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