I N S P I R E D - B Y
Thank you 3000!
1 - Who Was The Last Person You Held Hands With?
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I Have Honestly, Completely and Utterly Forgot.
2 - Which Planet Is Your Favourite Of All Time?
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Saturn (It's Pretty Bad-ass)
3 - What Kind Of People Are You Attracted To?
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I think Somebody Who Is Really kind, That Makes Me Laugh So Much I cry, To Go and see Really old movies and Not Fall asleep and to be Respectful and Loving.
4 - Are You Easy To Get Along With?
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It's Like I'm someone else when I meet someone new and I've had so many of my friends tell me that they thought that I thought I was better than everyone else but honestly it's just that I'm really shy and I just see things quietly (You Know What I mean?)
5 - Have You Ever Liked Someone And Never Told Them?
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Yes too many times but I'm starting to realise that in life that to be honest and do what feels right is the best thing you can do.
6 - What Is Your Go To Pick-up Line?
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I don't actually have one I think I'd be too nervous to even say, so usually I'll just smile.
7 - What Animal Would You Love To Be?
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A Wild Horse!
8 - What Is The First Thing You Do When You Wake Up?
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Some mornings I'll just lie in bed and go through weheartit but mostly I'll get straight out of bed and see if I've got a new spot to name.
9 - What Colour Are Your socks?
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I'm actually not wearing any!
10 - What Are Your Favourite Girl Names
- Savannah
- Sophia
- Grace
- Desire
11 - Do You Prefer Day Or Night?
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I'm not really sure if this counts but I love late afternoon when the sunsets and it's almost dark.
12 - What Was Your Favourite School Teacher Like?
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She was honestly not liked by many she was quite cold but not at the same time, she was my art teacher and just seemed really genuine but when she left to only teach sixth formers it really made me sad because it felt like she was the only person in the school who understood what I was going through.
13 - What Would Your Dream Partner be Like?
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Someone Who Will Always Laugh At my really stupid jokes and go on really random and crazy adventures, someone who loves me without me dressing up and wearing makeup, somebody who is intelligent and can tell me amazing things about the world and feel like sunshine.
14 - Write A Short Line about your life at age nine and you life at age sixty-nine.
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When I was Nine I had a dwarf hamster named Moomy and she scared me so much and always kept me awake at night because of her wheel.
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When I'm 69 I hope I'm In Love and Have a Family and that I'm always positive and strong no matter what goes on.
15 - What Are Your Favourite Boy Names?
- Hugo
- Charlie
- Alex
- Thomas
16 - What Is Your Zodiac Sign?
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I'm A Leo!
17 - Do You Have Trust Issues?
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Yes but at the same time no (You get me?)
18 - Who Was The Last Person You Had A Meaningful Conversation With?
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It Was My Brother Telling Me That It Will Be Okay.
19 - Do You Believe In Magic?
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I'm not sure.
20 - What Are your Three Favourite Songs At The Moment?
1 - LAUV - Sad Forever
2 - Koda - Outside
3 - Aitch & ZieZie - Buss Down
21 - When You Were Seven Where Did You Want To Be, When You Grew Up?
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I always wanted to Live In Paris and Be A Fashion Designer.
22 - Who Is On Your Mind Right Now And Why?
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A Boy, My Education, Christmas and My Bed.
23 - Have You Ever Wished To Be Someone Else?
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Yes but As I'm growing Up I don't anymore, I just think I'm me and I've only got me so let's make it good and just love myself.
24 - If You Could Go Back In Time To Change One Thing You've done, What Would It Be?
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Now I'm actually thinking about it, there's a lot of things, I think the biggest one would be to change something I said a long time ago.
25 - Pick Up The Fist Book You See, Open It At Page 41 and Read the first line you see?
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"Yer Great puddin' of a son don' need fattenin any more, Dursley, don' worry" -Hagrid.
The End! Thank you so much for reading I hope you're okay and remember whatever you're going through it will be okay and pain is always temporary just be you!
Love Desire Xx