intro : persona

muse a is a famous writer and musician. they have their flaws and their bad personality traits, but are still loved and adored by almost all. muse b is muse aโ€™s number one hater, going by a persona online to point out everything bad about muse a. so one day muse a contacts muse b, asking to meet up to talk shit out, because muse a is generally curious about why muse b hates them so much. it turns out they actually know each other and have a past. they used to be childhood friends, but once muse a got famous they just grew apart. whatโ€™s going to happen? will muse a and muse b make amends?

boy with love

muse a and muse b are in a relationship, deeply in love. muse a loved muse b more than anything in the world, after all, muse b made them who they are today. [ this is honestly just a fluffy relationship storyline. ]


muse a and muse b are strangers. they know nothing about each other. but one night, with a sky full of stars, they cross paths on a bridge, both planning to commit suicide. but they donโ€™t, instead they sit and talk about why and how they got to this point in their lives. they end up spending the night on the bridge, falling in love with each otherโ€™s words.

make it right

muse a is a famous musician and muse b used to be their lover. but due to constant hate from muse aโ€™s fans, muse b broke things off. but muse a canโ€™t let go of muse b. they still love them. they want to make it right between the two of them again. so, they go and ask muse b to give them another chance, even if it means keeping their relationship a secret.


muse a and muse b are in a relationship. but a few years into their relationship, muse a disappeared. muse b thought muse a had abandoned them or even died. but one day muse a comes home. how will muse b react? will they pick up where they left off?

jamais vu

muse a and muse b used to be childhood friends. but when they were both around eight or nine, muse b moved away. years later, in their senior year of high school, muse b returns, completely different from when they left. muse a recognises muse b, but theyโ€™re unfamiliar to muse a. theyโ€™re no longer that kid who played tag with muse a. something changed in them.


muse a is the ultimate party animal. they can drink and drink and barely get drunk. muse b is muse aโ€™s roommate. muse b puts up with the parties and the drinking, never saying anything. one night, a visibly drunk muse a comes home from a party, claiming to be in love with muse b. the two end up having sex and when the next day comes, muse a doesnโ€™t remember a thing, going off on muse b for even thinking theyโ€™d do something like that with them. this ends up happening several times until muse b has had enough and records their night. the next day muse b shows the videos and clips to muse a. how will muse a react?