Basic Infos:

Megan Rose Hertz Wheeler was born on a rainy autumn day on October 20, 2002 on the second floor of a Scandivian house on the outskirts of Ottery St. Catchpole in Devon, England.

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With long naturally wavy red hair, pale skin, blue eyes and freckles all over her body, Megan catches glances and sighs from everyone who comes across her.

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Boots, comfortable clothes and warm are the favorite of this redhead. Also being able to describe its style as romantic and simple.

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Megan is strong and extremely loyal. Despite shyness, when you knows her better, the girl shows to be completely self-sufficient and well with herself, thus being completely helpful to those around her.

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Delicate, kind and huge-hearted, Megan often captivates people in her sweet, calm manner. Animals quickly feel comfortable with their presence and people are inspired by their ease in seeing good things in bad times.

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Anke Hertz is her mother, used to be a bright and strong woman like a lioness. Sweet, affectionate and extremely calm, showing patience for the most complicated moments and situations. Anke came from Germany when she was just nine, since her parents were sure the girl would be accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

However, at the age of twenty-eight, a disease from the Muggle world left her extremely weak and vulnerable, lasting long months of suffering to bring her to death.

Anke was born Muggle and was part of the Gryffindor house, upon graduation she worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

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Ewan Wheeler is her father, the man is extremely intelligent, kind and self-taught. It's usually racial at difficult times and takes control whenever things seem to get out of the way. He was part of the Ravenclaw house. After graduating, he opened a bookstore/coffehouse for wizards in Diagon Alley and two years later returned to Hogwarts to teach, where he became Ravenclaw director and professor of astronomy.

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Victoire Weasley;
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Best friend, responsible, fun, cheerful, simple -Corvinal/Beauxbatons
Dominique Weasley;
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Wild, reckless, loyal, worried, anxious, affectionate -Gryffindor
Teddy Lupin;
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Metamorphmagus, fun, loyal, brave, dreamer, romantic - Gryffindor
James S. Potter
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Brave, sincere, cocky, proud, funny, intelligent - Gryffindor


With her father from Ravenclaw and her mother from Gryffindor, Megan was somewhat apprehensive about choosing the sorting hat. The girl understood perfectly well that stereotypes didn't fit, but still whispered to herself not to fall into Slytherin.

In the moment that the Sorting Hat was put on her head, the striking voice sounded in her head:

— Interesting, I see courage and bravery in you little girl, needed both to go through difficult times, yet also see intelligence and interest in learning all the subjjects that Hogwarts has to offer. You have ambition, but small, nothing that can lift your head and blind your guidelines. Oh well, so that's it. Hufflepuff. — Megan then smiled happily at the choice of the sorting hat, feeling his face heat up with the energetic and cheerful celebration of the table of his newest home, being greeted with enthusiasm by all.
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Heike is the name of his owl, the one given to him by his mother, Anke, on his fifth birthday. Heike is a barn owl, extremely brave and docile, loves receiving affection on the top of her head.

Megan also owns a cat, but this one belonged to her mother. Eileen is a sneaky, smart and affectionate cat, loves to hunt and sleep between the girl's feet.

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The Hummingbird.

The owner of this patron demonstrates free spirit and are those who want to enjoy every aspect of life. They are social, but they also need an amount of time alone to try and find their own path. They are sensitive and influenced easily by what others say about them.

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Favorite subject:

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because of her dad
Defence Against the Dark Arts
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for defence
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because she loves
Care of Magical Creatures
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because of her mother

The Yule Ball:

With the Triwizard Tournament's arrival, Hogwarts Castle is filled with the most varied students. As expected, the corridors are draped in the blue-toned skirts of the Parisian Beauxbatons academy and with the Durmstrang Swedish Institute's thick fur and leather coats, both causing whispers, sighs, and even shuffling to the dormitories of visiting students. A great receptive chaos, as expected.

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Maik Kohler is a Durmstrang student and also the champion chosen to meet the challenges of the Triwizard Tournament. The dark-skinned boy with passionate smile is focused and extremely strong, though a serious countenance is subtle, respectful and fair. Likes challenges and battles, which gives an answer to every muscle your body has.

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Too busy to notice the commotion of students around her, Megan makes notes of the main features of a Trestalios, making a quick sketch of the animal on the bottom of her sketchbook. However, a white daisy soothes her eyes, causing the girl to raise them to the person standing in front of her.
Maik speaks just as Megan's blue eyes frame him: — Would you like to come with me to Yule Ball? — The heavy Bulgarian accent quickly reaching the girl's heart, making her cheekbones turn a reddish tinge.
Still not understanding and surprised by the invitation, Megan accepts the flower, receiving it in her delicate pale fingers. — Why me? — she asks shyly and uncertainly, shrugging and watching the boy sit beside her on the lawn of the castle's outer courtyard.
And all he answers is a simple: — Why nei?
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Sorry if there was any mistake, I'm still learning English.

Megan is a character that I created after playing a bit of a Brazilian rpg from the Harry Potter universe (which I'm completely in love with). I hope you have enjoyed and feel free to create yours, just don't forget to quote me so I can see your article.

Until the next. All the love.