Hi hearters,
today I think that it would be fun to do this or that tag but autumn edition. My inspiration for this article is:

Let's start.

Tea or coffee?

mountains, adventure, and couple image autumn, fall, and leaves image Temporarily removed coffee, book, and sweater image
I love both, but I will always choose coffee over tea.

Do you call it autumn or fall?

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image girl, autumn, and pumpkin image Image removed autumn, nature, and leaves image
I call it fall.

Pie or muffin?

autumn, food, and pie image Apple Pie, autumn, and fall image autumn, coffe, and fall image autumn, cake, and fall image
I would have to pick pie.

Ginger or cinnamon?

autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn, fall, and food image candle, cozy, and winter image Image removed
Cinnamon. I just love smell and taste of it.

Turtleneck or scarf?

fashion, outfit, and style image accessories, outfit, and autumn image fashion, orange, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image
Turtleneck all the way.

Sunny or rainy days?

beach, summer, and sunset image aesthetic, amazing, and light image rain, city, and street image rain, bus, and aesthetic image
I love both. I get bored if it's only sunny or only rainy all the time.

Halloween or Thanksgiving?

autumn and Halloween image Image removed autumn, decor, and fall image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
We don't have these holidays in my country but they both seem cool.

Fairy lights or candels?

rose, flowers, and red image hearts, candle, and aesthetic image candle, winter, and christmas image alternative, autumn, and fall image
I just love candles so much.

Stay home or go out?

book, autumn, and winter image autumn, book, and fall image book, fall, and autumn image fire, winter, and cozy image
Stay home.

Pumpkin carving or apple picking?

Image removed Image removed pumpkin, autumn, and Halloween image autumn, carving, and decor image
Pumpkin carving seems so funny.

Read a book or watch Netflix?

aesthetic, selflove, and autumn image book, rain, and coffee image autumn, fall, and harry potter image netflix, pizza, and tea image
Both, I can't only pick one.

Cardigains or sweaters ?

autumn, fall, and sweater image fashion, outfit, and sweater image sweater, fall, and autumn image fashion, fall, and outfit image

Hot chocolate or hot cocoa?

Image by Cris Figueiredo coffee, glamor, and pretty image chocolate, coffee, and winter image coffee, chocolate, and drink image
Hot chocolate is so delicious.

Haunted house or corn maze?

autumn, corn maze, and Halloween image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and happy halloween image autumn, corn maze, and fall image
Corn maze.

Baking or hiking?

cat, food, and Cookies image cupcake, Halloween, and autumn image bake, chocolate chip, and food image autumn, cozy, and fall image

Cozy blankets or open fire?

autumn, blankets, and cabin image autumn, fall, and socks image autumn, fall, and cozy image book, coffee, and autumn image
Cozy blankets.

Neutral Colors or colorful?

fashion, outfit, and style image nails image art, leaves, and colors image cupcake, paint, and food image

Silent or windy nights?

clouds, silent, and trees image art, inspiration, and photography image
Silent nights.

Cool crispy or warm and foggy?

autumn, leaves, and sunshine image autumn and fall image dog and puppy image bonfire, autumn, and cool image
Cool crips.

That's all for this time. I hope you like it. See you soon with new article. Check my previous articles here: