love your body.
do not make him languish from pain, do not starve yourself, do not exhaust your body so much that it turns into a living skeleton. do not sit at home all day, do not go without a hat at minus twenty. don't think about doing yourself even the slightest harm. drink vitamins and medicines, if necessary, think not only about strangers, but also about your nerves, needs, opportunities. do not let anyone scoff at your body, laugh at its shortcomings (in fact, they are not such). do not allow this, first of all, to yourself.
be a friend to your body.
please be your friend.
love your soul.
don't let the darkness into her that strangles her. cleanse it of dirt, think about what you are watching, listening to and with whom you are talking. your originally pure and bright soul has the right to remain so; take care of her.
who are we without a soul? not people, but cars. love the man in yourself and do not let him fall to the bottom of the abyss and break into blood there.
no one should torment your soul with pain. and you do not do this: she deserves happiness. take care of what's inside and around you.
let the garden of your soul blossom and smell. you will see how other tired souls, striving for purity and beauty, will stretch under its life-giving canopy, and together you can grow to heaven.
love your heart.
don't let him fall in love with anyone: don’t love with your eyes or your mind, give your heart a choice. let him decide for himself what it wants and where it leads you. believe me, it knows better, just give him the keys to all your doors.
take care of your heart. do not let the world around him create such conditions so that it sheds bloody tears and painfully stabs in his chest, trying to break out and fall powerlessly at someone’s feet. sometimes it will be easier for him than to endure the pain in the cage of your ribs again and again, but do not let him die like that. get away from those who say they love you, but obviously don’t love your heart. it is so big, so alive, so loving - it deserves more. it is worthy of the present.

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take care of your body, your soul, your heart for those who see in them your true light, your will to live, your purity and sincerity. save them for someone who sees your love and wants to stay with her, in her all-encompassing warmth, in her gentle, pure light. educate yourself as a vessel for someone else's bright love, so that one day you can merge into one whole and, being non-ideal separately, eventually become perfect together. love your love