Here are some things you can implement into your everyday routine to smell good all the time - and no, it's not just using a perfume.

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1. Your Body

Of course, hygiene is the key. Shower daily, use deodorant and take care of your body. Make sure to drink enough water and try to eat clean most of the time. Did you know that certain foods (like onions and garlic) can have an impact on how you smell? Also, implement scented products into your after-shower routine! A scented body lotion is a great way to get soft and silky skin as well as a nice scent.

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2. Your Surroundings

...meaning your room/ home! Just like your body has to be clean, your space needs to be cleaned and tidied often as well. Do not take cleaning your home too lightly - if your home is dirty, you can shower and use perfume all you want: there will always be a weird scent surrounding you since you spend a lot of time at home. Change your bed sheets regularly, do your dishes right away, vacuum weekly...and let in some fresh air every day! If a 'clean' smelling home is not enough for you, get a diffuser and you will be welcomed with a nice scent of your choice whenever you enter a room!

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3. Your Clothes

I can not stress this enough: use a fabric softener when washing your clothes! Sure, fabric softener makes your clothes, well, soft. But they usually are scented, too - making your clothes smell amazing. Pro tip: buy some soap bars (that are scented, of course), cut them into pieces and leave them in your closet! After only a few days you will notice the scent of the soap transferring onto your clothing!

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