Spooky! In this article I will leave some songs that are ideal for these dates ... you know, Halloween or October...

  • Seven Devils (Florence + The Machine)
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  • Control (Halsey)
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  • Man or a Monster (Sam Tinnesz feat. Zayde Wølf)
"One day is Hell. The next day is the dawn."
"Or is darkness underneath? In your hands"
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  • Monsters (Ruelle)
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  • Dead of Night (Ruelle)
"In the dead of night strange things happen."
" Don't let the darkness find you."
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  • Sweet but Psycho (Ava Max)
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  • A Little Wicked (Valerie Broussard)
"No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne."
"I'll be high up in that tower, he'll be down there getting stoned."
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  • I Put A Spell On You (Bette Midler - Hocus Pocus)
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  • Coraline - End Credits (from “Coraline & the Secret Door”)
"Creaking is the door so gently."
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  • Alice's Theme (From "Alice in Wonderland")
"What have you heard what have you seen?"
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  • This is Halloween (Marilyn Manson)
"I am the one hiding under yours stairs."
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