_So i decided to post my first article ever and i though that a good way to start is my very own aesthetic, my inspiration for this is basically every aesthetic article i've ever seen, but mostly the one from @stella_noctis:_

Also, check her out she has a lot of good content youโ€™ll love it.

And just as she said there you have to look deep inside and really found out who you are and here I tried that and fail like big time cause I just feel that I canโ€™t just be in one box I belong too many or maybe I just need to know myself better, but this is a good beginning.

Here you found my aesthetic colection where you'll find more of myself:

Try to figure me out
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Personality: outgoing, impulsive,curious, daydreamer, gentle, nervous.

Likes: so many things that is really hard to put into words.

Element: earth.

Zodiac: that crazy Gemini youโ€™ve heard about.

Origins: Mexico City, the south of the capital.

Colors: I really donโ€™t have a fav color cause I love them all.

Well that was all, always be yourself and be proud of who you are. Really hope you enjoyed this article.

Image by Private User

Thanks for reading, sending love and good vibes to you.