hey guys I'm going to be answering 15 questions from a Kpop tag I found. hope you enjoy!

─ when did you get into kpop?

spring of 2018

─ who's your favorite girl group?

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─ who's your favorite boy group?

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─ favorite kpop song?

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I can't choose just one, so if I had to choose my favorite songs from my favorite groups, it'd have to be: bts-pied piper, twice-fancy, loona-butterfly, blackpink- as if it's your last, red velvet-umpah umpah

─ who is the prettiest female in kpop to you?

red velvet, joy, and seulgi image
irene is such a goddess

─ who is the most handsome male in kpop to you?

Image by ♡

─ what's a kpop song you dislike?

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side effects-stray kids

─ what's your favorite concept?

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dalla dalla-itzy

─ what's your favorite music video?

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─ what's the hardest choreography to you?

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blood sweat and tears-bts

─ favorite underrated group?

asian, choreography, and yves image

─ favorite female soloist?

IU or Sunmi

─ favorite male soloist?


─ what group has easy choreography to you?

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─ what would you say if somebody asked you what's your opinion on kpop?

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kpop is a music genre, and just because it's in Korean doesn't mean it's bad.

I hope you enjoyed, and you should answer the questions too! See ya later!