good evening yall. i just watched joker with my bestie and i cant find the words for it. the acting job, more than professional. oscar for it. really. and also, it makes mental illness really aware. the disease arthur has, is an existing condicition and people shpuld pay attention and help people like him. and yes, lock him somewhere up, because that kind of person is both dangerous for his environment and for himself too. but my article is not about this, and is not rotten tomatoes, so im not gonna spoil any upcoming details. the daily topic is:

bullet-point your whole day

  • waking up almost @ noon
  • breakfast, changing clothes
  • lunch
  • painting nails cuz its important
  • learning, doing some homework
  • putting on makeup, leaving for my bestie
  • hanging out w her
  • going to the movies to see joker ((litttttt af))
  • coming back home :(
  • daily blogilates (cassey, i hate u sometimes)
  • shower, then writing this article
  • hopefully having a good sleep before school starts again....

am i right?

love, zsofi xxxx