so i entered the university this semester. i moved from 'country' to capital, i love this city, everything's magical here. the folklore, the culture, the art, the research, science, nature... a lot of nature, night clubs, parties, people, commerce, opportunities, everything i need to have the best life for me nowadays.

sadly, my anxiety and depression have been wearing me out. when im with people around i just wanna run away, i keep thinking, what have i been saying that is wrong or inconvenient? what did the person thought about it?what impression have i passed?

i cant even go to parties. last night i panic and failed. failed. failed. SO ASHAMED SO AFRAID OF WHAT THEY MIGHT THOUGHT ABOUT Me.

now i cant even study cause i have 340 oages for tomorrow and im considering not going to the class so i wont do the exam but i need too cause idk if im going to be approved at the end of semester and i cant reprove any discipline.

im panicking. im panicking. and i just have myself, i need to think and take back control of my life.