created : 06.10.19
published : 06.10.19
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heyo !! as i said in my previous blog, i noticed i have a lot of discontinued articles. i noticed my playlist that used to be called "mood" has changed completely and has been renamed "i'm over u". i made a blog when it had a slightly different meaning, if u wanna check it out...

i did say on the previous article this was my playlist from when i was in a very tight situation, i was broken. now, its a small reminder that i'm over all the feeling i poured on this playlist. this playlist is a mix of sad to badass songs you definitely need to listen when you're feeling down !!

i'm over u

there are 185 songs in this playlist currently so i'm gonna name some of my favourites that i didn't mention in the first blog

song list

  • my boy - billie eilish
  • 30 de febrero - ha*ash
  • ahora te podes marchar - luis miguel
  • why'd you only call me when you're high? - arctic monkeys
  • love me - the 1975
  • summer depression - girl in red
  • bitter fuck - joji
  • fuck you - lily allen
  • nadie te pregunto - sol pereyra
  • do re mi - blackbear
  • fuimos amor - esteman
  • asesina - okills
  • bitches broken hearts - billie eilish
  • drown - cuco & clairo
  • demarcus cousins & ashley - hobo johnson

i know the songs are all over the place but believe meee the message on each one is sooo good !!

well, that's it for this playlist! for any song requests to any of my playlist feel free to message me anytime!

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